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  • GT4 Whos Got it

    Well after a year and a half or so it has finally come..... The Greatest Driving game out there.... How many of ya have it or are gonna...

    Wondering how to transfer your data from gt3 to gt4 with the money and the license??? if any of you know that would be great

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    You know I got mine!!!


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      i got it .....even better than i could have ever imagined

      you just go into the home section in the Gran Turismo part of the game........then go to Status and push the start only transfers you're a and b licenses and 100,000 credits... but hey its better than nothing



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        Alright thank you i didnt know if you had to go into trade or something else but just go to status and press start... thats easy enough ya i was fooling around yesterday with it and i already got a and b license lol

        The graphic are amazing and it is much better than i had thought it would be.
        Have you tried the Bspec mode yet.. is it hard/easy??


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          got mine yesterday. literally the best racing simulator ever. my buddies and i were doing time attacks on tsukuba till 2am.


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            I got it.

            Can't wait to unlock the HKS Silvia and the BLITZ 4-door skyline.

            What car did you guys start with? I got an s13. It's a lil slow, I think I would've been better off w/ the used GTS-T skyline.


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              I'm gonna get one.


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                My first car is the 1997 MR2 Limited edition (used of course) I have 316 HP with 298 lb/ft torque


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                  Ive had my J-Spec GT4 for about 2 months now. I know where most of the good stuff is. And I got my US GT4 last nite. I got the Celica XX to start off as I always do!!

                  Anyone up for a LAN race??? 6PLAER!!!!!!

                  Also if anyone wants the Sil80 do the Nissan Silvea race at nissan. The colors are random so save just before the last race. Colors Ive seen are Purple, Black, and White. However I have seen it in Silver and Yellow.


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                    after i transfered my 100,000 credits i bought a used 89 R32 GTR and with the money left over i put it up to 512awhp and 400 lb.ft of torque

                    i've raced on the B spec mode....i hope it becomes more challenging the farther into the game i go

                    btw i bean the first series in professional racing and got a Mazdaspeed 6 in black nice bad *Censored**Censored**Censored* car......can't wait to throw some more money into it and shave some weight of the porky car

                    i also have the toyota triathalon concept car..........such a cool car......and i picked up a used kouki S14.........oh yeah.....i also beat the turbo series in professional racing and got a Falken D1GP FC all done up to the tune of 410whp......i think that car is going to be getting the majority of some money now.....i already put a fully adjustable lsd on it, fully adjustable suspension, and a fully customized tranny



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                      havent gotten mine yet, ill have to get it toamrrow since the store i went to on tues didnt have it.

                      And i found a program that lets you play online with it, but people on the program are having trouble, so once things look better ill do a post with instructions and how to get it working and stuff


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                        Yeah i got it finally, since i have had it reserved for like 9 months. The graphics look awesome and it is a whole lot harder than 3 to me, it might just be that i was so used to driving with really souped up cars on 3 that is was too easy. I'm gonna be staying up till like 3 every morning.

                        - peace


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                          Hey anyone else notice the big steering change between 4 and 3. It feels like it turns too quick or something. Feint drifts are like impossible as I can't seem to keep control of them. MI don't know maybe I will get use to it, just wondering if you guys noticed. I still think its is really awesome though. Definantly should pic it up if you havn't.
                          Its only benn about a year since I pre-sold, and 10 pushbacks. Hahaha, but its still sweet.


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                            got it.

                            Can't wait to unlock the HKS Silvia and the BLITZ 4-door skyline
                            WildSe7en , these cars are already unlocked they are in the Tuner section they go for like 200,000cr just click on the parts company and then on complete cars or something...


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                              did anyone else than me notice the huge difference in driving than from GT3 ?