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  • Best Touge Car?

    Aights, I'm not asking Im saying...

    If you had 50,000 to blow and wanted to build the best Touge car. What would it be? What mods?

    Or post a cool touge car youve seen or own

    Dont hate on this thread...Its just for fun. and dreamers like me. also it will help to give ideas.

    I'll start it off.

    Evo VIII

    Modifed suspension consisting of Coilovers and springs 6kg\mm front and 8kg\mm rear.
    Upgraded turbo, Ported head. Aftermarket exausht.
    Some Volk Rims with 225/40-17
    CF hood, CF deck lid. Trunk interior removed.

    I like to keep it simple. 4WD is a Beast on the touge so it should run better then most cars.

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    1988 MA70 Supra

    1JZ swap
    Kei-Office coilovers
    Tanabe front and rear struts
    ST Sway bars
    Pireli P-Zeros (possibly)
    CFX CF hood
    Sparco Speed seats
    GReddy BOV

    More too, especially for 50k, I'll think about it and edit accordingly


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      Evo VIII

      Tanabe RR Coilovers
      Full Cusco bracing
      Yokohama A032R Tires


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        I'm not sure which car but something in the lines of a VIP.
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          greddy tt
          rsr exhaust ( one they use on there 350z)
          more parts to come when more parts come out lol
          o and a vertex lip kit


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            Re: Touge Cars

            Originally posted by panda_3ight_6

            Modifed suspension consisting of Coilovers and springs 6kg\mm front and 8kg\mm rear.
            why such soft spring rates?


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              Because Touge is a real road... not a race track... meaning the roads are rougher then a race track.

              Why you all got such BIG cars...??


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                Why you all got such BIG cars...??
                More cushion for the pushin


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                  If i were to build a touge monster it would b along the lines of this


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                    Orido vs Tsuchiya on the Gunsai touge
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                      WRX Sti...

                      i wouldn't kno what to do with her first with 50k...

                      Tein Suspension
                      Tein Tie Rods and Stabilizers...ect...ALL TEIN SUSPENSION~!!!

                      ummm...wouldn't need too much power...if anythign i'd move the IC to a FMIC...not a TMIC...umm....Roll Cage...iono what else...that would be good enough to handle a touge though...thats forsure...


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                        The carbon fibre S2000 didn't do too great at Tsukuba.

                        I would use an S14 Silvia K or an FD3S Spirit Type-R.As for mods,too much to list,especially for the Silvia(piston engines have more parts).Suspension I would probably use Keioffice Type XR's.Tuning,not sure,there is a lot that would have to go into it and would have to be based on the course for optimum performance.


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                          Originally posted by ViP 350z
                          o and a vertex lip kit
                          Good choice.


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                            Hmmm, I'd take a S14 with the works(too lazy to post all right now, i'll edit the specs in a lil later) and only race on uphill, because "uphill is a turbo sport hahahaa"....sorry, im bored and delusional.....


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                              MrodDrft - what vid is that from... i have every hot version with touge racing and i havent seent that battle.

                              Feint - Tsukuba lap times are irrellavnt on a touge...