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  • gt4

    the long wait it's almost over, so wat do u all think about gt4 this time? do u think that this is just the end of the first waitin period and the second waitin period is yet to begin?

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    Well if GT4 can keep up with GT2 (which in my opinion is the best GT game) Ill be pretty stoked. But Im more excited about Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas over all the other good games comming out this season, but Im pissed its gonna be delayed till Oct. 26. BTW, when will GT4 be released?


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      should be in novemeber some time

      but yeah, GTA SA is going to be awsome.


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        Dizzam, November now..Hehe, I totally forgot about the game even though when it comes out and I buy it will be favorite game of all time

        I just gave up on checking every now and then to see when the game is going to come out. Damn near a year of extended waiting, this game better kick some major a$$!


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          ahh GT4...i can't wait for drift battles with crown victoria's against dodge srt-10 pickups woooo


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            the photography mode looks great! the details are truly amazing. there are some video clips out but i cant remember the site. i just want to cruise around in new courses (until then trial mountain will be my favorite.)


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              I tried the japanese prologue. It is pure magic. I love it. I can't wait until I can play it in simulation mode, and try all the tracks... I even got to sample the McLaren F1 Long Version (Fina sponsored car). Tsukuba, Fuji Speedway.... plus the made up tracks... it's awesome.


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                *drools all over keyboard*

                I j-j-just (parden my stuttering its quite the moment) that the E36 M3 has been seen/photographed being tested on the GT4 games..

                Sweet mother of god, that kicks a$$!!!! I can be getting slideways in my moms car in a video game instead of in real life and getting grounded

                This game is going to own big..


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                  cannot wait! i have had a copy reserved for almost a year now...and at least here it comes out 10/20/04, so just in time for my b-day... and if you can paint your car, and do body kits, and all that good stuf, i will be in heaven! i cant wait to be able to drive on Tsukuba and drift at Fuji Speedway!!! does anyone know if the Sekai Hills track is in GT4?


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                    For all your Gran Turismo Drifting Needs


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                      i have it pre ordered. they say it'll be at my door november 17th. ahhh yeah