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Drifting in a FF Minivan

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  • Drifting in a FF Minivan

    Eh, I guess I can start by saying HELP! I'm such a cool guy, driving my moms minivan. 1999 Ford Windstar LX. I have it fully customized. By fully customized, I mean a fuzzy red wheel cover and a bobble-head Jesus. $20 bolt-on chrome exhaust tip. I'm so sexy. I'm thinking about ordering a nice set of Enkei wheels though .

    The van is no pansy, though. I can easily hit over 100 (everything shakes, fun :P). It has a 200HP V6. FWD and topheavy. The simple question is: how can I make her slide?

    Would it be possible to "safely" drift in a topheavy vehicle? I have a friend that is quite fat, maybe I can have him lay in the back seat.

    It also has an automatic transmission. Not the best for drifting, for sure. Would the van need more power or a manual transmission? That would be awesome 8-). A turbo isnt entirely out of the question either.

    Well, I'd appreciate any help you guys could offer on the subject. Thanks
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    maybe try to rallycross in the snow but dont even think about drifting on pavement. My parents have a 98 windstar, there's way to much body roll so it will flip if u get it sideways.


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      Aww, not even with the fat friend? :-P

      Nah, I know enough about physics to know I cant go sideways. I was thinking more along the lines of feint drifting. I dunno. Something I can do to make my mommys minivan seem as cool as I know it can be :-P.


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        Oh dear, that's not gonna work! Winstar's center of gravity is quite too high for a drift car, plus it's such a fat thing to drift, and it's FF... I wouldn't even try. It might be dangerous even in snow.


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          Yes yes, thats the reason for the fat friend in back :-P lower the center of gravity.

          Width I cannot solve. But height..... Anyone here ever seen a convertable minivan? If so, any clue how it was done?

          I'd simply be the king of all if I drifted in a convertable minivan.

          As far as it being too fat to drift... I prefer to say it's too phat to drift .

          On a side note, how hard would a turbo install be on it? That would make an interesting project . It's somewhat off-topic, but eh, if I can get power and resolve the center of mass issue (maybe make the van look like an elongated Porche?), it would make one awesome drift machine.

          How about body mods? A ground effects kit would help me out by giving me some downforce (and letting me go faster by reducing air under the vehicle - it tops out at around 110 downhill, 115 uphill, for some reason). I've been unable to find any pre-fab bodykits for a 99 Windstar, but I suppose it isn't a common thing. Anyone know of a place that can make them custom? I'll love you forever :-P


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            I spun out in my mom's minivan back when I was 16. That was fun. I had been use to driving my VW and I didn't realize I had to go THAT slow in it around a turn. I cooked the corner, the car was sliding for a good bit, then I just ripped the steering wheel full turn and the rearend came around. I probably looked pretty sweet doing it too


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              now that i think of it we ahve a manual rwd toyota previa minivan at my house thats pretty beat up and nobody uses it, if i had money i'd probably be stupid enough to try =D


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                Yep yep, fun times. Of course, I'm not speaking in the past tense, as I'm 17, finishing up my 2nd year of college :-P. I'm still in my reckless stage. I'll grow out of it, maybe. Until then, I still have my eye on the 10 inch tach that goes up to 10,000 RPMs in the van that redlines at 5500.

                Ricey mods. Name some. I want to rice this baby out :-P. Already have the bolt-on tip. I'm thinking some racing seat covers (maybe even replace the drivers seat?) and a windshield decal. Tossup between Windstar Type-R and Saleen. Since it's a Ford, I'm leaning towards Saleen.

                I need more ricey mods. A wing? Maybe a custom fiberglass hood. I know i'm really straying from the topic, but eh, I guess its all good because the van rocks :-P.


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                  do a wing, but dont buy it, dont buy any of your major rice stuff like body kits or anything like that, make it yourself, like make a wing out of wood, and the same with a bumper, get those seat covers that say NOS cause thats just better than getting a real seat, there are many other things i can think of but dont know, try going to a junk yard and putting 5 wings together and really screw it up!


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                    Well, I've thought about the 2x4 with long screws to make a wing, but it's my moms van and she'd kill me :-P. Seat covers are a very real possibility. NOS or XR racing. If I went with NOS i should get the matching wheel cover and floor mats. They make the car go faster, you know .

                    How expensive is neon? Blue HID headlights also may not be a bad option. How about a fiberglass hood with a monster scoop for air intake?

                    Oh man, we can have fun with this one - I'm gonna update the topic to show the slight deviance :-P.


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                      wasn't there a member here who drifted in a nissan quest?


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                        Originally posted by gigglesnirt
                        now that i think of it we ahve a manual rwd toyota previa minivan at my house thats pretty beat up and nobody uses it, if i had money i'd probably be stupid enough to try =D
                        it is 4ag powered...


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                          Has anyone ever swapped out an auto for a standard? That would be a fun little project. Make a custom gearbox for it. Oh baby.


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                            Hehe, you could aways drop a v8 in the trunk and give it a 12 pt cage and race it. Really, ford did it. I though I had some pictures but i dont.


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                              that'd be funny if you made it to =]