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  • speedo broken heres my situation..c33 laurel...annnd the speedo doesnt work..does anyone know if swapping the tranny to a 5 speed tranny will fix the prob? 5 speed fresh out of an r32...

    but until then, i was wondering...i think ive seen a turbo timer that shows your km/h..anyone know what type this is? what else could i get to temporarily show me the speed of which i am going?



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    most likely your speedometer cable is just disconnected. That happens alot on old cars. especially toyotas and nissans.


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      Well im not sure if you have an sr20det or not, but ill assume you do.

      the sr20det tranny does not utilize cable type speedo/ it uses a speed sensor, in most cases you may have to change the speed sensor located at the passenger side on the tranny, i've had a lot of customers come in for the same problem, the gear on the speed sensor is made out of plastic it becomes rounded after a period of time, i guess is what we call wear and tear, how ever it is common for it to go out, i suggest after the change use quality tranny oil, i always recomend mobil synthetic or red line oil.

      PAUL G


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        the bad boy's got an rb20det in it...same deal as what you said about the sr20det?


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          oh yeah..i may possibly take out the rb20det when i move in the summer and bring it back with me to the states along with much would someone pay for that piece?