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SR20DET; S13 Front-Clip for less than $1800??

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  • SR20DET; S13 Front-Clip for less than $1800??

    ive been lookin all over the internet and i cant find a website that sells the s13 front clip for less than 1800, does anyone have any good sites that sell this? anything will help

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    that is a good deal! i have been searching for years that i can trust and that is the cheapest i have ever found


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      is it a good deal without body panels and lights?


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        i dunno its hard to find a hole front clip for less then 1800 i usualy see them around 2500-3500...inless u come apon a deal when there selling them to make more room for a new shipment... has front clips starting at i think 2500...


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          If it's got the ECU, MAF, Harness and Igniter you should be good to go. Front clips usually come with the stock SMIC and a bunch of other stuff as well so you hardly have to buy anything aftermarket to properly complete the swap.

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            so u think thats apurty good deal then? ill send the link so u can check it out to see what im talkin about


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              S13 Front End

              If this 1800 front clip you're talking about is from, don't forget a few things:

              1. No body panels or lights (extra 600)
              2. No LSD or Rear Axles (extra 200, good deal IMO)
              3. Shipping is ALOT (450 sea freight 45-65 days, 580 air freight 30 days)
              4. Drivetrain has 40k miles on it

              I got all this info from them.

              Hope this helps. I was thinking about getting the SR20 from them too, but I think im gonna save up for LSD and suspension
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                I'll give you the front clip in my garage for 1800. I'll give you a deal and give it to you for 200... there is no motor in it ...but you can have it for cheap. Clips cost 1800 like 3 years ago. Now they go for MUCH more because everyone and their mom wants one.


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                  where's ur shop?


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                    That was a joke. The front clip is in my garage waiting to go to the scrap yard.


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                      Most clips don't come with panels. And if they do, they are so damaged that you can't use them. You'd be better off buying that $1800 clip and ordering panels seperate. BTW, the more you pay for a clip, the better. I say this in all my posts about clips, but check out They are a little pricey, but you get the diff with the clip. Plus, they give you 10% off of panels if you order your clip through them...