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SR20 / Z33 swap

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    if you need to do something different/ricertastic/to increase your e-rep on drifting forums, at least do something cool that hasnt been done back in 200longtime ago. put a ls1 in it.


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      this has nothing to do with power, this is a track car. the owner/driver is planning on replacing the motor 3-4 times a year. 4 SR motors is much cheaper then 4 VQ motors (at least at the present) and replacing an SR is faster then replacing a VQ, if you pop a motor during qualifying, you can swap motors intime for the race


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        the owner is an idiot if hes going through 3-4 motors a year, VQs are cheap now anyways, hes wasting his money just to build a kitchy car. no matter how you slice it.

        but I think you should do it for th $$$$


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          when u say he plans on replacing the motor 3-4 times a year.WHY? cause they are bored/? that is absolutely about instead of replacing the motor that many times,u build a good motor, tune it well.and not have to replace it even once.i find it stupid that someone would plan on replacing the motor 3-4 times, especially such a relatively new motor.


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            and from what you said before the sr would end up being $800 cheaper but 100hp less.i would love to find a part that adds 100hp for only $800.that would be i think everyone would have that part


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              well the owner is still waiting on permission from the stewert to use the SR20. you cant really modify the motor to much other then changing gaskets, and he cant run the haltech so either way it will be a factory ecu, so there is not a whole lot of tuning you are allowed to do.
              the VQ motor dynos around 245, with an intake and an open exhust I am thinking 260whp
              with the SR 225 is what we get out of s13 motor, with a 3 inch exhaust, intake and FMIC, (not sure we can run an FMIC, swaped 240's can) waiting to see what the stewert says.
              there is also the option of going with the S15 motor, though the initial cost would be a bit more, he would have more power.

              as for blowing the motors, each race is 6 hours long, most of the races are run in temps above 100 (its texas) I honestly cant say how many he will go through, he has done it before and he is paying for it.


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                you know, with your logic the best bet would be a ka24e.

                how your "shop" stays in business or finds peopel stupid enough to let you touch their cars should win you some kind of award.


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                  god i love this thread.

                  but don't you think a stock na motor making 250whp, which comes in the car, would be far cheaper and FAR more reliable than having a ten year old sr20, running 14psi and costing 5k to make 250whp??? na motors are going to be alot more reliable road racing, as well as being alot better in the texas heat.

                  and just out of curiosity, what class would you put yourself in for road racing with a motorswap? if your going to reclass your car over a motorswap, it better be a damn good one, that is completely necessary. racing has alot to do with being in the right class, with the right car.

                  this thread is the sillyness.


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                    personaly I would prefere a motor that was NA, when I race thats generaly the car I go with.

                    as far as rules and class, I have no idea, the owner is checking with the stewerts to see what they say. and they may change thier minds after his first couple races. it would be nice if they had a spec 350z class.

                    eitherway we are going to end up prepping the car for the track, cage ect. and then he has his own guys that will work on it during the season.


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                      but spec 350z wouldnt allow sr swaps oh teh noes
                      btw dont you drive a stock turbo II rx7 mr. " i prefere NA" (btw, your also trying to convince everyone here how a boosted 4 cylinder pwns a NA 6 cylinder)
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                          yeah a spec class would be prety much stock 350Zs, that would be great wouldn't have to worry about switching motors. I am not trying to convince anyone that a 4 cylinder is better then a 6 cylinder.

                          I do have an Rx7 race car and it is a turbo, its prety far from stock, Gotham Racing built the motor for me, its got a haltech ecu, full cage, coilovers, and plenty of other mods. its a great car, fast, but I only ran one race in it in the last year. and before that the last time I drove it was at drift off in houston.

                          most of the other races I did last year were in spec miatas one of my porsches. as far as drifting though I have just been using my AE86


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                            So much negativity in this thread. Apparently the guy who wants the swap wants to stand out, some of the reasons why he is doing it also make alot of sense. Hes going road racing in a stripped out 350Z, if he wants the car as light weight as possible and having 2 less cylinders and lot less mass to worry about is good. At least from my point of thinking the SR20 should me lighter than the VQ35. If the guys has the money to build up the hp to a suitable level were its competitive but also still retain a lightweight engine setup than it seems like a good setup. Althought it might not be reasonable or "right" to some people.

                            Ps- Found out the SR20DET weight with a trans and its 490lbs, I couldnt get the VQ35DE weight so if someone could find it that would be cool!
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                              that little emoticon is awesome lol.

                              and as for the swap weight, the with the ac stripped off ready for racing just like the sr will probably weight in about 140 pounds more total, with about 50 pounds or more of that in the tranny. the trannies are substantially heavier and more durable for the vq. so the vq would probably weight in about 90-100 pounds more than the sr20. if you wanted to take the 5k for the sr20 swap, i'm pretty sure you could wack off that 100 pounds pretty easily.

                              i'm not ragging on hollywood at all, but i feel compelled just like mikespeed, to make sure people don't just take the ricer bandwagon and think certain things are correct.

                              chris's car is way cool with his sr20 swap, but only because of the time period when it came out. now, he is going in the absolute opposite direction with his new car, and NA v8. i wonder why he chose that lol. maybe it was from having to drive a sr20 in tandem rounds and he got frustrated.


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                                Damn. Well after reading through this threadI must agree with much of what was put in the last post by Mike peters. Whoever you are.
                                The Sr is not a wise choice on anmy level, especially if you plan on using the car for club racing.
                                It would be a much better choice as far as performance reults and money spent to just lighten up the Vq. Flywheel, clutch, all the suspension if not already done. And plug in a power FC and work the heads for better flow.
                                I can only imagine how slow that Sr would be trying to pull out of a turn on a track, my miata would probably rip it up.

                                I think the customer needs to go into the shop, sit down with their check book, and plan this out a bit better to budget and future expenses.