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    you could but the 4ac block is weak. Just get a 16v. I'll sell you one if you come get it.


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      Why dont u just buy 16v? there cheap as hell. OR go buy a gts. A gts conversion to a sr5 is probably to much work for you.


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          If I were you I'd just use a FWD high comp and make the work worth it. If you can find a 90-91 corolla gts or a geo prizm GSI then go for it.

          You can use the RWD accessories from the 4ac to get it in right. If you don't feel like doing the wiring/fuel system you can go with carbs (which are badass IMO). If you wanna PM me again I can fill you in on the swap. A high comp that can breathe well is alot of fun. They also use the strongest 16v block. here's a little info from club4ag:

          4A-GE 16 valve with Carburetors

          Provides flexibility and ease of replacement. The sounds emanating from it when properly tuned cannot be beat. Popular conversions include Mikuni-Solex, and Weber applications. In Japan, Keihin FCR carburetors from motorcycles, allow it to put out 170hp at 8500rpm. More on carbing a 4ag:

          Also, this article might help you:

          Here's a page about the original 16v you might find interesting :

          The difference between 4ac and 4ag is insane. You'll love it if you like the 4ac already.

          mmmmmm carbs:
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            LISTEN UP!!! Most of the people on here seem to be trend followers. They reply about a subject they know nothing about. The SR5 bottom end is not weaker, but in most cases is actually stronger than a 16V bottom end. The 4AGZE drops right onto the SR5 engine mounts. Not a problem. Decide wheter you are more interested in

            2)-4AGE 16V
            3)-4AC bottom with 16V head

            I can tell you just about anything you need to know to swap anyone of these motors. I won't give you shyt or make fun of you if you don't know something. Please don't judge me by my number of posts. I have three 86s, so you can trust that I won't misinform you like a lot of these other people seem to be doing.


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              well i can say with good conscience that I don't spread BS so I hope you weren't "calling me out" on something.


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                chill out man. I see you on club 4ag, so i'm sure you are more knowledgeable in this area too. Don't be offended, because you know what kind of people i'm talking about... and you don't seem to be one of them.


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                  It depends on how well you do with a wrench in your hand is all. If your good with wiring, you can do either the 20valve or GZE. If your not good with wiring get a bluetop or redtop. If you dont have alot of money, wait till you do and get a bluetop from someone local who has done a swap.


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                    Alright thanks, I heard alot of bad stuff about AGZE so im prolly not going to go with that, im not much a power freak anywayz. I am thinking more carbs because i know a few people with fuel injected and they dont like to work. and My money is short now, but when i do the swap im going to spend in the 2K range, but thats the swap, pumpkin and axle hubs. and drive shaft yoke


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                      my friend here has an 87 rear end from a gts. It's open diff but you can put in a kaaz or cut the axles and use a trd.


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                        Ok, Can somone help me. Whats the difference between a Red top and a Blue Top? oh and if you can find a 16V head tell me..


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                          OK, let's start with the bluetop. It is a large port head with T-VIS. It is found in the AE86 GT-S. There is a redtop which is also a T-VIS large port that is no different from the bluetop, but it is found in the AE92 (front wheel drive corolla). The real redtops are small port non- T-VIS heads which are also found in the AE92.

                          Bluetop T-VIS=112 flywheel hp
                          Redtop T-VIS=112 flywheel hp
                          Redtop non-T-VIS= 120 flywheel hp

                          The reason the small port heads put out higher hp is due to intake velocity. The largeports use a T-VIS system which opens and closes to increase the air speed. The smallport has no butterflys in the way to restrict it and it has slightly higher compression to put out higher peak and all rpm hp.


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                            By the way, I have a couple extra bluetop heads laying around if you need one...


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                              How much for one? I cant really buy it right now... but could i have you set one aside for like a month or so?


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                                Satsujin: you forgot to mention years:


                                in ae86, aw11. 3 rib block and TVIS. Comp ratio: 9.4, Max power (hp) 130@6600.

                                Redtop 1st gen:

                                In 88-89 ae92, 7 rib block and TVIS. Comp ratio: 9.4, Max power (hp) 120@6600.

                                Redtop 2nd gen:

                                in 90-91 ae92, geo prizm GSI, 7 rib block, non TVIS small port head. Comp ratio: 10.3, 140 @7200 Features oil cooled pistons, stronger internals, knock sensor.

                                BTW, these power figures are at the flywheel.