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Exhaust installation Fee Problem

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  • Exhaust installation Fee Problem

    hi guys
    well my friend gave me this bomz exhaust he said it was universal and will fit my 240 hatch ok.
    well i go to this guy who is a mechanic which my family kinda know not well and it seems overpriced well hes saying LABOR cost $180 thats so he can get a welder weld the pipe and exhaust and I have to pay for the pipe too. Now does that sound right just wondering. And i want it angled like the apex'i n1 he said u cant do that cause it would hit the back bumper. Ok also he said he wants to replace the pipe from the resonator to the exhaust which i want to do also lots of rust. well i was just wondering how much should this be does 180 say right 180 and i pay for pipe and hangers so anyone know how much this might be at a shop or anything like the pipe installation and labor
    please help thanks
    anyone know like a reasonable price or something like that

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    sounds way overpriced to me. welding isnt as hard as you think. shouldnt cost more then 20-30 bucks.


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      wait thats 20-30 for everything

      i need welding piping i want to make it look like the n1, installation and labor


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        it all depends on what size pipe youre wanting and how much pipe is being used...but 180 is way over...a shop was going to run a 2 1/2 inch dual exhaust from headers back with brand new glass packs and a h-pipe for $210 and that was on a 1980 camaro for everything....pipe, labor, 6 hangers, 2 glass-packs, and 2 tips