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    Originally posted by Formula D View Post
    Lord_ERJ, I think Orido and Yoshioka would find it disrespectful that you would think they were sand bagging when they compete in FD. I can tell you with great confidence, they most certainly did not.

    Also, what is weak judging? You think that FD judges are harsher on Japanese drivers? If that is the case, then why would Yoshioka even win an event? There is no logic in that. Judging in drifting will almost always be critiqued. Any subjective sport generally is. However, if you have seen the progression of our judging leading all the way into the Red Bull event, it is pretty clear that we have the most transparent system. Each judge is accountable for the score in qualifying and their pick for head to head. They are also required to take notes so that after the event if a driver wants to know specifically why they lost, the judge can answer intelligently and honestly. This process sometimes slows things, which I do not like, but it solves the issue of judging not being as transparent as it could be. In D1 for example DK pretty much determines everything. End of question. That is fine of course, but certainly not as evolved of a system.

    Also, as a general statement regarding sandbagging. It does happen. Because we have evolved our system over time, this year we had a point system in tandem that gave the drivers points after each lap of a head ot head. If a driver had an extreme advantage, it was not uncommon for them to sandbag. Though this is smart drifting in some cases, this is not good for fans or viewing. I agree wholeheartedly with people on this. So.... If you noticed at the Red Bull event, we gave no points or advantage after each lap. This did makes the driver push it more. It led to more action, more closeness and for some more damage to their vehicles. This is likely a system we will continue in 2009.

    I don't expect you to do anything.... and yes, a good book and tea are fine. I do this and take the time because I feel our organization should never to be too big to discuss things openly and honestly. Additionally, since it is the weekend, I have the time to be thorough and answer as many inquiries as I can. You can choose to read or not.
    In my eyes Orido definitely looked like he was sandbagging. He didnt live up to the "max" of the past. The guy that trashed the hell out of his 100k+ supra at ebisu just because. Yoshioka, I'm glad he won vegas but I noticed he really wasnt in many events last year. I never said Yoshioka sandbags. I think he's good and thats why he won. In the end I dont really care if they feel disrespected by what I said. I'm a spectator that has an opinion based on what I've seen from them in the past. Orido I definetely know wont give a 5h1t cause thats how he is.

    I think the judging could be a lot better. I'm not saying that you guys are harsher against J-drivers. However, it wouldn't be difficult to accuse of that. I'm just saying that a lot of the calls made by FD judges are questionable. There many times when the other driver obviously wins and your judges say no no the other guy won. You claim in D1 that Tsuchiya owns judging. Well he does, but in D1 if its THAT close and its questionable then at least the crowd gets a description and replay to explain the decision. If it doesnt work, then they do tons of one more times until the winner comes out. That's a major major + that you guys dont do because of some weird rule.

    Look like the guy said I dont want to keep on with this FD vs D1. You guys are great, just keep working at it and I hope you can be as good as D1 in the future. Just make it a requirement to have cool cars atleast!


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      I joined up on this forum just for the D1 discussions on here like a few of the other guys I seen, been a while since anything juicy was going on...I do like D1 and I did like the FD events I've been to, but nothing touches D1. And I think D1 must have a lot of guys working for them writing posts cause I already seen 4-5 guys write books on here fighting with that Formula D guy. I'm kidding, I doubt some dude in the mid-west works for D1 I think D1's all from Orange County, California...unless they opened up new offices across the US. Besides it looks like they have their hands full with event Sh!t than forum crap. Which IMHO would mean they are growing pretty big. I dunno, I think the FD guy sounds like a dumbsh!t intern and so far it's just a battle of opinions. If D1 and FD are really battling they should leave out the interns and just have the owners talk it out. I have fun at both events but nothing tops the D1 cars and drivers IMHO. LOL! I just want to know where the hell is KAZAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!

      So Awesomedness!

      That's it! I am making Team D1 shirts, like the Team Bradjelina or some other kind of similar *Censored**Censored**Censored* reference to the kind of shirts that spring up when actor A leaves Actress A and starts F'ING Actress B and then Actress A goes out and finds actor B and their names all sound like they have a ring to them when mashed up. I'll post up some designs when I find out how much they're going to cost! I might as well make Team FD ones too while I'm at it and see what happens muahaha! LOL!
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          Drift Life will have a booth at the D1GP Anaheim event this week! Stop by and check out our new merchandise!!