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    Portland, OR. We have freaking tons of drifters here, and i know there is more than a handful that browse this site. This includes Vancouver, and any cities close to Portland. What im proposing is that you simply contact me online sometime or respond to this post in order to talk about LEGAL practice spots. Portland is and industrial city, and its a fact that there are many industrial areas completely devoid of business. If enough of us come together to talk to the owners, then we could work out a deal. That is only one of the possibilities. Petitioning PIR is another. Anyways, get into contact with me via any of these:

    AIM/AOL: FunkSolNinja
    Yahoo Mess: FunkSolNinja
    MSN Mess:

    or you could email me:

    just add me to your buddy list and message me absolutely any time im on, which is a lot. We need to get together people, and you know its a good idea.


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    Driftin in the 'couve

    Hey man...

    Im in Vancouver, WA as you know.

    I have a few ideas how we can get some practice space. PIR does deals for autoclubs if you work with them . And like I mentioned on chat theres alot of closed factories for lease we might be able to scrape up a deal to lease a few parking lots. The real estate brokers lose alot of money sitting on vacant property. I know some people, you know some people. Who else around here knows people?

    I got a concert sound system and a portable garage I use for events I run sound at. Might even be able to scrape up some sponsors at the parts stores I deal with. Im telling you man we can do something here...

    Anyone in the Portland, OR region who wants to work towards making a home for northwest drifting drop a message plz...


    Yahoo Mess: Arislan_
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      maybe were the only people that exist in this area.


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        Originally posted by Spy001
        maybe were the only people that exist in this area.
        Maybe they're shy...

        Give it time I know theyre out there....

        Btw the Chevron on Burnside west of downtown Portland is selling Falkens I see.....

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          oOo good to know


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            Made a new connection

            TC Motorsports... They might hire me on as a part time mechanic...

            Theyre lookin for a 4dr Mits Mirage to do an EvoIV conversion fr the owners wife....

            Might be a possible sponsor too....


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              Spy...whatcha doin this Saturday?

              Hey man you should try to hit PIR tomorrow. Heres the details from Im hoping a few people from my college auto club are gonna show. We might all be able to talk about some things together.

              Saturday July 3 is the next of our series of Nickel Ads/PIR First Saturday of the Month Auto Swaps. It will be in the entrace to PIR, with vendor gate opening at 7 a.m., and spectator gate open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Vendors are $20 for 10X20 spaces, spectators are FREE. So bring your cars, your parts or anything automotive related to sell, the first Saturday of this month and the rest of the summer.


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                PIR swap meet

                It was ok. Kinda small but its 4th of July weekend. Went to the track and watched the SCCA open drive there were every type of car on the track from a VW Rabbit turbo to amatrue NASCAR style to full on F1, and a FC gripping.


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                  damn man....i havent been on to check this oh well, but there is some classics race at PIR coming up soon....i dont know the details my mom mentioned something in the paper ill have to look it up


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                    Hi I am in Portland and I know lots of 86 guys. None of them come on this forum, this is the first time for me in a month or two. for reasons that are quite apparent.


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                      YO im from vancouver...and thats wat ive been tryen to do too..... me....and my friends r trying to start a team... so we can maybe get some owners to let us go out in there lots without just staying there for a few mins and drifting the leave to another spot..i would like to hofuly get the locals or somethin and go have fun drifting without it being iLLEGAL....yea so hopfully we can get this thing together so yea ill talk to u on aim or somthin here my aim: aznDrifter77


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                        o yea lemans is coming up it PIR i think from the 23-24 think ill prolly go ill look more into it...wish there would be some drift events there too instead of going all the way up to canada or like cali


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                          Yea I'm from Olympia, I've been asking around for a legal spot around here. Even asked the state patrol if its possible to rent out their facility in Shelton. They really didn't like the question. which I think is retarded because the police isn't promoting anything to let us race legally. They don't understand that if theres no place to do it, then people will do it on the streets and possibly hurt or kill someone. So while their being mindless about it, I've been asking other raceways around me like South Sound Speedway or Spanaway Speedway. They could at least give us a small area for some gymkhana at least. Haven't got any replys from them yet though. We should seriously think about getting some petitions going on to get some areas to do it.


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                            lookin into it

                            Theres a speedway by Tacoma too...

                            PIR has an autocross track working on a meeting with PIR....also the amphitheatre I work at has huge open parking lots and one of them they let a motorcycle school use so that might be an in the meantime...we should organize a meet-n-greet of sorts to talk in detail about what we want to do. What do all of you think about this?


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                              yea man sound good...that would be sweet if we could get that when u think u guys wana do it..the meet n greet?!?