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  • JGTC + D1GP (THIS WEEKEND) Who's Going?

    Text from GT LIVE

    JGTC ALL-STAR 200 (Saturday)
    JGTC All-Star race featuring 20 cars from Japan as well as a number of US entries. This race is full of innovations such as two mandatory pit stops and allowing an additional driver. The JGTC ALL-STAR 200 is also the first ever JGTC night race. You will want to check out the pre-grid 30 minutes before the start of the race to get an up close look at the cars, hang with the drivers and stars and get pictures with the race queens.

    In case you miss the main event on Saturday, we’ll have plenty of exciting JGTC racing for you on Sunday as well. We’ll run two 24-minute sprint race on the interior road course that are guaranteed to be packed with action as we line up all the cars on a much shorter track. Race one will feature the number one driver, race two the number two driver.

    JGTC Garage Walk (Sunday)
    Since the JGTC teams will be extremely busy with qualifying and race preparations on Saturday, there will be little opportunity to see the cars up close or photograph them. So on Sunday the cars will be on display in the garage area. You will also have the opportunity to talk to the drivers directly and get their autograph, or have your picture taken with the race queens from Japan.

    D1 Grand Prix U.S. vs. Japan Pro Drifting Exhibition (Sunday)
    The top drifting series in the world joins the most exciting racing in the world to bring you one hell of a show. D1GP will run its U.S. vs. Japan competition Sunday evening under the lights on the interior road course. For more details on the D1GP program, please visit

    Xtreme Drifting League-XDL (Sunday)
    If you’ve thought you’ve seen all the drifting there is, think again. XDL is an hour-long show that brings innovative new elements to the scene. XDL will run full laps, and there will be no judging. And you’ll be able to check out hot girl drifters, top pros drifting trucks, probably some sedans drifting and more.

    Tuner Time Attack (Sunday)
    The top 20 fastest cars from the EuroTuner/Super Street Time Attack in early November are eligible to compete at GT LIVE. The format will be two 30-minute sessions with 10 cars each. The best time at the end of the two sessions wins.

    Formula D Drifting Exhibition (Saturday)
    Our friends at Formula Drift are showing off their best talent in a one-hour exhibition program that is sure to excite. Details on the Formula D show are at

    GT Demo Runs (Saturday & Sunday)
    A JGTC or NASA driver will give you hot laps around the track. All you need to do is wear a helmet and hang on. You’ll be riding in a production car tuned for the race track, or if you are really lucky, you might be one of only several people that get to go for a ride in a real JGTC race car. Rides will be given out through a lottery system in December. Although this is not a VIP thing, there is a limit to the number of rides we can give. Our schedule allows for four 1-hour sessions only so if you are interested in the ride of your life, check back after December 1st.

    GT AutoX (Saturday & Sunday)
    Driving someone else’s ride is one thing, but wouldn’t you like to see how you and your car stack up against the rest? We thought so. That is why you can bring your ride and do laps on our autocross course. Laps will be timed and a set of four costs $30. 8 laps go for a reduced rate of $50. The AutoX will have a driver’s lounge for you to relax in and bum advice off professionals.

    This event is open to all drivers that wish to autocross their own car. You will be required to have a Snell 95 or newer rated helmet and sign a release of liability. Your car must pass a technical inspection common to all autocross events. The car must be in good mechanical condition with no leaking fluids, good tires, and working seatbelts. You do not need a membership or any form of license to participate. A few days before the event, you will receive a run group schedule which will indicate an approximate time block for your runs. This will be a timed event but no classing or prizes will be awarded. Purchase 4 AutoX Laps or Purchase 8 AutoX Laps

    Go Kart Demo (Saturday & Sunday)
    The best race car drivers in the world get their start in karts and now you get a chance to do the same. At GT LIVE you’ll be able to race karts all weekend long.

    Super Street Car Show (Saturday & Sunday)
    If you think you’ve seen everything there is to see in terms of car shows, think again. The GT LIVE car show will be staged inside the garage area, right next to the race cars and teams! You cannot get a better seat in the house. The garage area will be packed with hot cars and hot chics. Slots are limited to 300 cars. $75 fee includes 2-day car show registration and 1 weekend pass. Register for the car show.

    Car Club Fan Lap (Saturday)
    Ever wonder what it is like to drive around California Speedway in your car? If you signed up with a car club you can find out by participating in our Fan Lap. You and a few hundred of your best friends will do a lap around the Auto Competition Course, the same configuration used by the JGTC race. Speeds will be limited so this is more an hour-long party on wheels.

    Car Club Packages (Saturday & Sunday)
    A lot of you belong to a club or group so we thought we’d give you the opportunity to represent at GT LIVE. Starting in June we’ll be offering car club packages that include a weekend pass, preferred parking, a dedicated lounge in the parking area and participation in the VIP fan lap, which is exclusive to car clubs.

    Shopping (Saturday & Sunday)
    We’re guessing that after about a half day of watching race cars and driving, you’ll start getting plenty of ideas of things to modify on your own ride. After all, it is the weekend before Christmas and you’ll want to do something for yourself, or maybe a loved one. Christmas shopping may not be the right word, but if it has to do with cars you’ll probably be able to buy it in the vendor display area.

    Car Audio & Electronics Audio Challenge (Saturday & Sunday)
    Car Audio magazine will host an installer competition with top names in the industry. You’ll be able to see the latest and hottest audio/video build outs all in one place.

    Turbo High-Tech Performance Dyno Challenge (Saturday & Sunday)
    OK, so you got whooped by your friends in the AutoX but now you can get your revenge by showing them you have the most under the hood. We will be able to put cars side-by-side on mobile dynos for a head to head showdown.

    Lounges (Saturday & Sunday)
    At some point during the course of any event, you just feel like sitting down and taking a break. We hear ya. All across GT LIVE will be lounges that offer shelter, a place to sit, as well as drinks and music.

    Main Stage (Saturday & Sunday)
    Our main stage will be the node of the event. DJs and MCs will call this home for the weekend. All victory and award ceremonies will take place here, as will the JGTC ALL-STAR 200 driver autograph session on Sunday.

    Ride and Drive (Saturday and Sunday)
    Manufacturers will be providing cars for you to drive through a coned off course. This is a great chance to see how some of the newer cars on the market feel on a more challenging and fun test-drive than you’d typically get from a dealer.

    PLEASE VOTE on this online POLL!

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    thanks for all the info!!!! but can u put more info on how to registar for the auto x hot laps? and go karts? i would appreciate any thing you can help me with!


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      Go here:

      Click on "Purchase 4 AutoX Laps or Purchase 8 AutoX Laps"

      You do not need to pre-register for the Karts. Just get in line.



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        I will be attending.


        • #5
          Im going both days
          that manfac auto-x with be freaking sweet


          • #6
            Im going both days anyone want to meet up on saturday?


            • #7
              hey how do u enter the dyno challenge and how much will it cost?


              • #8
                I will be there Sunday and I am F**** pumped


                • #9
                  Im runing my Supra around the track once.


                  • #10
                    i will be there sat, i have to work on sunday


                    • #11
                      going both days. treking down from norcal.


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                        The JGTC + D1 Grand Prix event is THIS WEEKEND!


                        • #13
                          well since i cant go is there any chance that at elast JGTC will be televised? live to far away


                          • #14
                            From what Im being told is that yes its going to be on a few TV chanels!!!!


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                              i will be there.