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  • Ask JR from DRIFT ALLIANCE Something!

    I'll start out...
    1. What made you start drifting?

    2. You're my idol.

    3. How do you like the Falken Mustang so far?

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    What kind of changes have been done to the motor?
    What suspension is planned or is already on the car for next year?
    How does the mustang feel in a drift?


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      how do you like the falken stang so far?


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        could we get some specs on your stang please!!!


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          I got into drifting before I even knew it was an actual sport just from playing around in industrial parks in a 240sx 6 years ago just like i did in my go kart when I was 4. I would just go out there and powerslide do donuts and see how long I could "slide the car" and basically just have a sh!t ton of fun. A few years of that and then I heard of Drifting and started to learn more about the sport. I went to a my 1st organized local event in 2002 and that is where I learned I had some very good car control all in all I learned how to have a ton of fun in a car. I raced Motorcross for a few years and I never thought anything would be as fun as motorcross well I found an equal rush and challenge with drifting. So ever since then that first event I have went to every drift event I could possibly go to and practice as often as possible.

          2. You are mine!

          3. I have not driven driven the Falken Mustang other than a few donuts and some long standing burnouts because I was feining to drive it ... The car is in its intital buildup process. In fact the saturday before driftshowoff Myself a few guys from Falken ripped the inside of the car apart.. IT is soooooo fun ripping a brand new car apart...I think we have some pics and video. Ill see about getting them posted some time soon. I really like the cars geometry and I think that once we lighten it up to its max I feel it has what it takes to be a competitive car. especially with the people that have there mind and hands in building it. Team Falken, Eric, Tein, Chris F., Tony A. and myself. There is no doubt it is going to be different then the 240 I LOVE but I know I will drive the hell out of it and have fun in it just the same.

          "zach300zx, sdtouge"
          Falken Mustang specs (PLANNED)

          The motor is going to be supercharged and fully built to withstand up to 750 rwhp however I will only be running it at like 500-550hp. Basically I want this car to have the same power to weight ratio as my nissan maybe just a bit more power because I feel the setup of my nissan is close to perfect right now. I would rather have just the right amount of power and drive the hell out of the car rather then pu55y foot on and off the throttle because the car has to much power (That is just my style).The motor will also have a ton of custom parts under the hood and we might even make the motor and engine bay Bling Bling just for fun.hahahha


          I will be running Tein Flex coilovers all the way around with Edfc to control Dampening for different needs. This will basically be the same setup I have on my 240 with a bit heavier springs to to handle the weight difference. TEIN Japan is currently developing everything. Swing by the Falken Semi at one of the events next year Ill be glad to show you around it.


          I will be running Full Baer Brake setup Next year 4 piston with 14.5 inch rotors in the front.

          single piston with 14 inch rotors in the rear.


          I will be running an Exedy Twin disc carbon clutch

          I think that about covers it for now. I cannot explain how excited myself and the rest of Drift alliance are to be driving on team Falken together. Its going to be a great year and I cannot wait to beat on this horse...

          See you guys soon,


          I am glad to answer any other questons.
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          TEAM FALKEN


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            It's really cool seeing a stang in the formula D but wont you feel a bit left out with you driving some american muscle against those imports?


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              if gushi wanted to twin with you would you do it?


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                That would be great if i could get a tour of the car, are you planning to be at the Drift Atlanta event? If so i'll have to stop by your tent and take a tour. I personally like the styling of the new stangs, and wow 500-550 hp thats a lot. I guess the weight of the car will need it. Keep us updated on the specs if you don't mind. Sounds like you have some great sponsors and I can't wait to see you and the rest of the Team Falken guys tearing up the tracks. See you next year at as many events as i can make.
                -Thanks, Zach

                Oh yeah questions. ummm...
                What are your plans with the 240?
                Was there any particular reason for going with the supercharger rather than a turbo? Or is that the only forced induction currently available for the mustang?


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                  Jr are you gitten dizzy yet with all the question's your pal out west.


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                    I like and repect both American Muscle and Imports. I dont feel left out at all Im excited for the challenge of learning a new car. Plus I will still have my s13 I drove last year to beat up whenever...


                    Gushi Is very fun to drive with we did it a few times last year I dont see why this upcoming year will be any different. In fact we were just talking about how excited we are to get to beat around in these new cars....Im sure you will see it more than a few times in the upcoming year..

                    However Chris is my favorite tandem buddy up to this point...


                    The 240 will be FINALLY coming back home to Maryland hopefully after D1 once the battle wounds are healed It will be getting a fresh motor I have been building for a few months and getting prepped for another beating in 2005 which I will use it for a ton of Practice as well as Drift Alliance Demos, and our Dvd's.

                    I chose a supercharger because the instant Throttle response, torque and Linear Power should be great for what I need to do....

                    I will be at Road atlanta feel free to swing by as I said.

                    Have FUN,

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                    TEAM FALKEN


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                      Originally posted by The sheriff
                      Jr are you gitten dizzy yet with all the question's your pal out west.
                      haha no buddy....Still ready to rock...
                      TEAM FALKEN


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                        i have some questions

                        -did you seriously start your own ask JR post, haha VG JR from maryland????

                        -how badly are my FD and Chris's S15 gonna spank that mustang you are building????
                        -Don't forget the struggle. Don't forget the streets-


                        Listen to Motley Crue


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                          Lets just see what happens on the track in 05[ Boys]


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                            HAHAH I have no Idea who started this post... Do you really think I would dip sh!t?

                            As far as your last remark We will have to see Chris in the s15 thats gonna be good you in the FD you'll have to prove yourself.....hahah love ya buddy....
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                            TEAM FALKEN


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                              yo jr rember me the guy that got your front bumper from drift showoff