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  • Ask RHYS MILLEN Racing Something!

    Address your questions to the RHYS MILLEN Racing Team on this thread.

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    How do you feel to have tons of Americans cheering you on as you competed against the Japanese drivers in D1GP?

    How do you feel about your run against Imamura? Thoughts?


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      when is Rhys Millen going to sign up for
      this site??

      How many engine swaps have been done to the GTO?

      if Rhys ever drives a Nissan, would he automatically get sponsored by Stillen?

      how many years do you plan to have the GTO? or rather, when does the deal run out?

      How does Rhys or RMR feel about the obviously biased first few paragraphs of the article in Car & Driver?

      thats all for now


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        Any other family members out there racing that we haven't heard so much about?


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          Besides Steve Millen and Rod Millen, Ryan Millen (Rhys' Brother) races a bit. He just finished racing the Baja 1000 in a Centrix Sponsored Buggy. He is 21-22 years old.


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            Rhys has an account, but is very rarely in the office to do any work much less to chat on forums. And he doesn't have a PC at home as well. We will try to get him to answer any of the personal questions.

            If Rhys ever raced a Nissan Iím sure good olí Uncle Steve would help him out.

            For now we are planning on running the GTOís through this next year. Anything beyond that is always up in the air. We really like the GTOís and we would be willing to run them as long as Pontiac will let us. Now that they are finally set up were we like them, we donít want to start all over a gain.

            We have had 5 engines built this year for 2 cars. 1 is still new and will be freshened up at installed before D1 in Feb. The others have will be shipped back to Detroit for tear down and possible rebuilt as new/spares.

            Iím not sure what you mean about the Car & Driver articleÖ I read it over and I think Iím missing what your talking about. Give me some lines and I can let you know.


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              How long did it take to fab up the hydraulic handbrake setup, and where did you guys source your parts? I'm having a heck of a time piecing mine together. More questions, what spring rates are you guys running on the GTO front/rear and what size tires front/rear did you guys end up going with?


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                will he run D1 in japan in 05?


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                  It's not directly related to drifting, but I'm still curious as a rally fan and as an avid SCCA supporter.

                  How does Rhys feel about the shake-up in organization of SCCA Pro Rally and, more personally, are there any more plans to bring the Rally/Drift GTO out to play at events like Pikes Peak?

                  Also, more on the drifting subject, was the win at Irwindale in Formula drift more or less gratifying than the podium at the Fontana D1 as RMR seemingly struggled with setup at the outset of the season?


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                    CrazyHawaiian: The Hydraulic handbrake is actually very easy to set up. The hand brake is nothing more then a second master cylinder that just locks up the second set of calipers on the rear. It has its own reservoir connected to it and we ran stainless steel line to a "Y" that splits it to the 2 rear wheels. You can get the whole hand brake assembly from CNC Brake in San Diego and the master cylinder from Wilwood, then custom build the lines. We can also send you everything you need as well. Call Eric or Blair at 714 847.2158.

                    my 1 88 u: Right now we do not have any plans to compete on Japanese soil, but it has been talked about and the whole team would love to go! But I can't say it being put together yet.

                    Octagon: I will have to let Rhys answer the later of the 2 questions, I can't tell by your post if you know that we ran the GTO (Drift Car) up Pikes Peak this year in the SCCA Group 5 Class. We did very well all week against the fully built rally cars until the last day on the first run up the hill our power steering pump blew on the 3rd turn. Rhys was able to only lose 30 Sec. or so with no power steering! Be the time he came down we had a new pump ready to go and it was replaced and ready to win the event when the sky opened up and snowed and rain like crazy and they ended the event early. We place 3rd in class. To answer your question. We have no plans to use that car for any rallies this year, but Rhys always has the bug to win at Pikes Peak so we never know when he will come up with something to get up there.
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                      Hi Team RHR,

                      I gotta question, Did the tv channel TLC pay Team RHR to be on the show Rides??


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                        Stickz: I'm not sure... You should contact RHR and ask them... LOL anyway... No we were not paid to participate in the rides program. They came to us and asked.

                        CrazyHawaiian: I forgot to finish your questions. We are currently using the Yokohama ES100 Tires size 235/40 18" in the front and 275/35 18" in the rear. I will have to get back to you on spring rates as they seem to change frequently depending on the track.


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                          Hey thanks for the info!! I'm always curious what kinda setup you guys are running. Still trying to get my Camaro tuned right, making slow progress. 275's in the rear huh?? Thats some fatty meats. I think thats what Sam and the Viper run too. I guess when you got as much power as you guys it must slide great. I tried 275's but my car is too underpowered for something that fat, I'm still in the 235-245 range for the rears. Yeah I might give you guys a call to source some of those parts. I found a hydraulic handbrake from some company in Europe, they wanted like 125 pounds for the setup made for a Cosworth Escort, planned to adapt it. I had no idea Willwood also had a setup, I'll definately look into that. I do have a second set of rear calipers, currently in the process of making my own backing plates to mount two calipers on each side. We'll see how good that goes, I'm not very good at fabrication hehehe. Thanks again for the info!!


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                            My questions haven't been answered yet. I know that Rhys is busy... Anyways, add that to your list of personal questions to ask, Thanks man.


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                              I would like to know this. How does Rhys feel about the negativity that your average unintelligent "American car hater" has for him and the GTO? I am sure he doesn't let it get to him but when crowds of people boo him just for the car he drives, that has to strike somewhere. Also what are his thoughts on the rapid expansion of the sport?

                              Either way, keep up you guys work. Rhys is one hell of a driver and the more I find out about him the more I respect him. Pikes Peak in the Drift GTO.....amazing.