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    Does anyone know the exact schedule yet?

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    Originally posted by Mars View Post
    Does anyone know the exact schedule yet?
    Thursday nights, I know it's 10p local time, I'm not sure if that means 7p east coast or 10p east coast. Starts Nov 15th, runs for 7 weeks (i think it skips Thanksgiving).

    Then there will be a re-air in January, again in prime time.


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      damn I guess I will be missing those unless they hit you tube or something


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        you know, they make this great invention called Tivo. It lets you record TV shows, and then play them back when you want to watch them.

        it replaced this magical invention called the VCR. In some parts of the world, I hear they still use the VCR.


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          I spend too much money on gas and parts for tivo

          but i gots me one of them vcr thingamagigs lol


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            I sitll have a VCR but I dont get cable in this room


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              Cable companies will usually let you upgrade to a DVR cable box for only another $10 a month or so. I think TiVo is $15 and you still have to buy the $200 box . . . .


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                Off topic

                but will i ever be able to get the 06 season on DVD... i never saw a single complete episode of 06

                i have 05 but never saw the 06...


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                  To clarify the actual air time of the Formula Drift TV on ESPN2 please utilize

                  If you're too lazy to check it out here's the schedule.

                  The show begins airing
                  Nov 15th, Thursday 5PM EST/2pm PST
                  Plus a secondary prime time showing will be announced shortly.
                  Meaning the season will be re-aired at a later date.

                  Airing thursday means you get to tune in on Thanksgiving day for Round 2 ATLANTA and enjoy your holiday with some smoke, excitement and turkey!!!


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                    Already have it set on my DVR
                    I'm a bit bummed it came out so late, but hey at least we're getting it.

                    My only fear is ESPN2 was notorious for bumping my motorcycle races for things like football and basketball. I really hope they don't do that to us.


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                      Hey there. First post, lurker for 2 years. About time we get to see the action on tv finally. So how come its not mentioned over at the ESPN2 site?

                      And yeah, whatever happened to the 2006 Season DVD?


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                        The camera angles and letterbox broadcast sucked but everything else was done top notch. Captured most of the action, flowed very well, good interviews. If only they would take notes from D1 in regards to camera placement.


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                          the camera positions were not that bad it was how the cameramen worked that got me, besides that everything was fine though. Things like they would zero in on the car but when the rear fender comes close to the wall you wouldn't be able to see how close because either a little bit of the fender was cut out or the wall was cut out. Either way though it was very well done and makes the sport look very professional in a way lol.


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                            oh *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored*ing sweet! FD atlanta on turkey day


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                              I think part of the problem with the cameras is the restrictions that the Long Beach track has. Catch fencing everywhere, walls that you can't move... the track is still an open-wheel track first and a drifting track as a much lower priority. I KNOW the other tracks will be much better (and the video i've seen at SEMA and at the FD Release party really highlight that).

                              Be sure to spread the word and watch the Turkey Day event with the family, get them hooked on the sport