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    What can i say...


    Alot of the hype being dragged along with the expansion of the drifting. In the US before drifting came around they used to call it "getting loose" now even on NASCAR they talk about a drift.

    Drifting is growing exponentionally. I think its a double-edged blade. On one side you have a great motorsport that grows as fast as the people can drive. On the other hand you have this sport where many wish and try to do things they aren't able to do (its either the fact is they dont have the time, the money, the experience, or the proper places to practice). I hate the fact that they've tried to glorify drifting. Back in the day when people pulled off a controlled slide they didn't have time to think about what to call it or how to prefect it, they were just happy they didnt crash. Kind've goes back to the Bootleggers on the dirt roads of the mountians even before the 1960's where the Japanese prefected it into a racing techinque. These Bootleggers in the 40's were just trying to loose the cops trying to chase them down those dirt roads on the foot hills of the Smokey Mountians. They were hillbillys, they were just trying to escape.

    What sux is games like Ridge Racer and Need4Speed Underground and the others where u drift on these tracks that feel like "auto-drift". From what i can gather these games are out there to put attention on a growing sport. Many of us would rather whine and cry about how things aren't how they should be instead of trying to make them better.

    Yes, I've spun out and broke things trying to control a slide.
    Yes, I own both Fast and Furious (and critiqued them)
    Yes, I watched InitialD with the subs (and learned alot)
    Yes, I've tried to read every article with the word "Drift"
    Yes, I've tried to prefect side-by-side drifting on GT3
    Yes, I want to buy and learn everything about drifting i can.

    But the problem remains,
    Many of us dont have the funds or the location to do so.
    If we keep bitchin' about rules and how drifting might burn itself out, the faster it will dissapear. The further people go with the sport the further the rules will go. We can complain all we want, things will just adapt and change just like everyting else.

    I envy drivers in FormulaD and the D1. I envy every racer period. Anyone who has the skill and the talent to push their machine to the limit must be respected despite any grudges we may have.

    How many of your favorite drivers have wrecked their cars? Atleast they have the luxury of not having to pay for 100% of the repairs. Most of us "wannabe-drifters" dont have another car to just casually wreck, so we play it safe. Maybe we feel like punks and ask alot of dumbass questions cause we wanna learn. Yeah, we're not out on the tracks kicking *Censored**Censored**Censored*, and i know we still whomp on our cars occasinally when we can get away with it. Even tho we aren't out there tearing tires up we still respect the motorsport and try to guide it in the right direction.

    I'm not hero when it comes to driving, and i wont act like i know it all. I converse with all of you on the basis of learning. Right now i consider 99% of you to be better drivers than myself just because i'd rather learn.

    On a better note, with out all this media attention parts and time would be alot more expensive. Many of the FormulaD Profs wouldn't have as much money. (that made no sense)

    The next note may offend some california drivers...

    Dont get too pissed but some of the california so-called drifters are nothing more than traffic drivers with expensive tuner-cars.
    Why would you put a stage 3 clutch, a turbo and a big exhaust in ur car only to sit in traffic and listen to music?? Eventho out there you get to attend the kickass drift events your still the same as everyone else, you dont want to go out there and brake something. Repairs are expensive, doesn't matter who you know or what you know.
    Granted the more this motorsport expands the cheaper parts and repairs will get, but its till bothers me to see 240s with huge exhaust and no internal modifications. (I'm sure some of you readers may disagree with my statement) Instead of saying who did what and who made what. We instead need to band together. Like Stallone said in Rocky IV "I love almost everybody" We need to be a group. If drifting isn't a competetive sport then it should be a learning and practicing experience.

    Cause Driftin' is...
    the gradual DEVIATION from the original course.

    We should stop all this crybaby crap and instead try to further our skill and further this motorsport. Look how huge NASCAR has gotten in the last 3 years, now Dale Jr. has his own bucket of chicken at KFC. I dont want that to happen with drifting. I dont want to go to McDonalds and see an advertisement for the

    Yeah, forgive me for posting when i'm drunk.

    i know i flipped around on these subjects, but go ahead and feel
    free to bust my balls...


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    I dont know what the **** is up with you posting drunk. You say you are, but you put your feelings down like clockwork... tho mispelled and bad grammer, but who am I to talk about that.

    and wtf is a mcpfieffer.... 3 chicken nuckets with montary jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and bbq sause on a bun?

    but there is a lot of truth in what was said, Ive seen the LA roads... when you have a dr's appointment, 10 am means anytime that day that you can make your way through traffic. I mean, I may do some stupid things on country corners like sliding through 90 degree turns at almost 70 with a stock car... hit a big rock doing that once... but screw all the traffic... if we had that kinda traffic here i wouldnt even own a car, and deffinately now a hard clutch, my foot would go numb and I'd end up rearending someone. I keep one rule... dont drift... or powerslide as everyone calls it here, in traffic... tho in the rain its kinda tuff... I've kicked my car straight sideways in the rain next to other cars more times than I'd like to admit.

    Honestly, as fun as it is having drifting getting popular, I wish it would go the other way. Underground things are always more fun. I hate how every other company is making "drift spec" parts and selling them at a premium. I love watching street rod shows on TLC more than ever now because everything is custom, one of a kind, and not clones of each other. Id love for the whole import craze to die off so i could go and build a 1st gen supra, and not be called a copy cat. The automotive scene seems to be hotter than ever now... and after fast and furious it seems like the new found enthusiests have floated from one genre to the next. I think its great that there was a tricked out 97 240sx right in everyone's face in the first movie, and no one knew what it was or even cared because it was a chick car then... a bad *** chick car that was well on its way to being worth nothing before drifting got popular. Now there especially hard to get a hold of, especially here in the midwest. Not that I knew what it was back then, but i would have found them eventually. I love rwd cars, especially the not so popular ones... hence i drive a cougar. But does everyone REALLY know so much about all the import cars now even with a few years of them being so hot. Id bet anyone i met $100 they couldnt tell me the first thing about a Mazda Eunos Cosmo without having to look it up. Shame we dont have those here.

    Wow... provoked me into a rant... nice post.


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      IM having trouble understanding the point of this thread, whats it for? Nascar or fast and the furious awareness? Well anyway its great everyone has oppinions on things, but does post after post after post about complaints benefit anything? (im just curious honestly) Anyone have anything positive to share? other then spending time pondering subjects that are meaningless to your driving? So irrelivantly to the topic, Yesterday my clutch crapped out on me, therefore i cant drive my over built? or over hyped so cal rx7 daily driver, until i replace it tomorrow. Im replacing it with an act 6puck and just the heavy duty pressure plate, thats my traffic monster. Its great yay. What does this have to do with the topic? nothing but i deam multiple threads with similiar content uninteresting and worthless. So i just wanted to add my worthless tidbit too ^_^ Hey guys have anything fun to talk about? What do you like to do? How are your cars? What do you drive?!? Anyone like to have fun drifting? or does everyone just love to analyze all the negativity they come across instead of doing something positive or interesting? Does this thread make you do anything better? Its great to identify with things you dont like, but if u cant do anything about such problems, then is there any point in talking about them at all? well anyway Have fun!
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        I love how many folks talk about the good old underground days, even though they have been in to drifting for a year or two.

        Think about those that have been going to track events back in the mid '90s.


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          Sober reply to Drift Envy:

          yeah piston ur right, its kind've hard to understand the point of that post. I was bouncing around so much that even when i read it myself i feel like a dumbass. It started out as being a post about how complaining was useless, then i went off topic and then way off topic and it kept going from there. Kind've a useless post comlaining how complaining was a waste of time. Doesn't make much sense and sets myself up to be called on it. Altho it must be nice to put those kind of modifications on a car just for the hell of it. Most of us aren't so lucky, and maybe i do complain about some of these things, invoking others to toss their 2cents in. Its great to have access to the events when they were old school. Maybe its getting mainstream out in california, but its still underground here. From the sad sound of it tho, there is this elite group of spoiled californians out there who've been given alot more of the advantages and the rest of us are trying to play catch up. All they have to do is figure out what shirt they're gonna wear, gas up their car and attend the meets, over on the otherside of the states we have to find a location, organize them, and make sure we dont go to jail for breaking laws, a task much more difficult than just showing up ready to have fun. It would be all about fun if we all had the same chances that ya'll do. I guess thats why i sound a bit frustrated, it would have to be the "Drift Envy".

          So if you more privledged could do leak some of ur information with us about how to secure a spot to practice and hold events. That would be great. Ya'll could help us out so we can work together to enjoy these same things, cause we're on the same page. It would be nice if a bunch of hillbillies from Podunk came out of nowhere and helped the sport grow in the right direction. I'm on the same side as you guys are and i apologize if i offended anyone. I guess i just had to vent alot of my frustrations. now that i've done that, i can get back to keeping the purist spirit burning. Cause it really doesn't matter if you've been sitting out in slides for 40 years or a single day as long as ur trying to better yourself and help out the others.
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            once i learn to drive and feel confident enought to drift i really honestly dont care if drifting went mainstream, i still will drift. Because people that love drifting because of its unusualness and not because of it being the new "fad" dont care what the average person thinks of drifting. I think you guys know what i'm talking about and your prolly think i shouldnt even be talking like that since i cant even drive, but please think about what i said and decide who you are.

            wow that was pretty deep for me...


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              I like Ridge Racer... That game is awesome in arcade.


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                yeah i truly hope drifting does not get blown out like skateboarding. i remember during the tony hawk craze everyone started and so did i but most of those people left but now there are young guns everywhere. i have lost intrest in that whole side of it. just don't pay any attention to others around you. i cant think of the person who has a sweet miata that they fixed with zip ties. hell if the ford festiva was rwd i would drive that beast and try and drift with it.......or just total it but whatever.


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                  You guys just need to relax...fads come and go and the real ethusiist are going to stay...thats all that matters. Marketing and society is going to throw drifting into a shark infested media trap...but thats with anything really. You guys need to just relax kick back and stop drinking, cuz when you drink you can't drive, hehe

                  Oh yea don't drift your daily driver...that totally bothers me..get another cheap car. I have two cars, a part time job and full time student, if I can do it so can anyone else.

                  but a Cosmo? Its the triple rotary right...I can't remember what has a quad rotary..anyone know?

                  Oh yea but it was always called a some old school books, getting loose was always named drifting.


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                    ranting about the old days without being part of them... well that depends what you think the OLD DAYS were. A couple guys at the track on the coast 5-10 years ago... or a couple guys that are 60 years now that were sliding their cars around on dirt roads almost 40 years ago. Most of my race buddies laugh at drifting, they go on about pulling the ebrake or how its just stupid to slide a car unless its in the dirt.

                    Im not trying to analyze the negativity, but this did make me think of posts I've made in rules ideas and such and I realized... I dont like any of it. Honestly I dont think drifting should be a competative sport. With competition comes secrets, arguements and a LOT of fans and corporate sponsership that changes the sport of no other reason than making money. America at its best right? Id much rather see a push for helping set up more local events across the country. Get the pros out teaching kids and doing plugs and giveaways for their sponser rather than just riding around in some video's with expensive paint jobs in a SPORT, where destroying that paintjob IS going to happen.

                    yup, 20BT in a slightly larger car. some of its styling cues kind of make me think of an eagle vision and the rear of a buick regal (i know thats weird, but in a good way) The car's suspension is what really makes it great, double wishbone up front, and and dual shock 5 link independant rear.

                    oh and I think the 4 rotor is a experimental that hasnt even been built yet. Its a 3rd party company doing it and last I saw they had it mostly blueprinted but nothing cast yet... Some one may have fabbed their own tho. I have seen 3 rotor 13b's before so its possible.

                    to Drift by definition fits the sport perfectly, so no matter what it was called by anyone, drifting has always been a "proper" term.
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                      i cant agree Wickdmarz, I drift my daily driver, its not so much a mater of i cant afford another car... There are cars my family has i could borrow i f i really screwed mine up (like im doing now.. not a drifting issue though) However i have so much seat time in my daily driver that i could tell you if the tire pressure was low just by driving it. 50 thousand miles on a car in a year will do that to you.

                      I'd love a second car but honestly i absolutely love my S13 and want to drive it everychance i get, and i want to take that same car drifting...

                      eh i bet we are getting off topic... but anyways thats my feelings on the mater.


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                        Originally posted by AtroXR7
                        yup, 20BT in a slightly larger car. some of its styling cues kind of make me think of an eagle vision and the rear of a buick regal (i know thats weird, but in a good way) The car's suspension is what really makes it great, double wishbone up front, and and dual shock 5 link independant rear.

                        oh and I think the 4 rotor is a experimental that hasnt even been built yet. Its a 3rd party company doing it and last I saw they had it mostly blueprinted but nothing cast yet... Some one may have fabbed their own tho. I have seen 3 rotor 13b's before so its possible.

                        to Drift by definition fits the sport perfectly, so no matter what it was called by anyone, drifting has always been a "proper" term.
                        4 rotors are not experimental

                        Mazda went racing with a bunch of 4 rotor cars at Le Mans. Managed the only win by rotary powered, and only Japanese team ever to win.


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                          ahh, whats the engine called? Id like more info.


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                            Originally posted by AtroXR7
                            ahh, whats the engine called? Id like more info.
                            it's called r26b.


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                              Yea I knew it wasn't experimental, I couldn't rember the name, but I wouldn't mind driving it.

                              Hey Nissanguy, why not get another 240 for a daily driver. Cuz I love my 240 as well, feels weird after driving it for a weekend then having to drive my daily during the week. My daily is an 99 hyundai elantra I wouldn't mind keeping my 240 for a daily driver if it had cruise control, stereo and A/C...hehe Maybe I'll get me a 240 for daily once I get my new toy Supra