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  • JDM Option DVD (Review Campaign)

    JDM Option Review Campaign
    Text by JDM OPTION

    JDM Option is working with your favorite websites to give you an opportunity to win free JDM Option DVDís and even an Official Grand Prize JDM T-shirt signed by Daijiro Inada, founder of everything Option!! Spots will be open for a chance to win and review the soon to be released JDM Option Volume 6 for Option. All you Option fans donít fret, we got you too! If you already have the JDM Option series you can send in a review of any volume you would like and we will enter you in a drawing to win a signed JDM Option T-shirt by Daijiro.

    Winners of the DVD will have to report a full review to the website that they won the DVD from. All who enter with a full review of a volume will be eligible for the signed t-shirt. JDM Option is looking for quality with some thought put into the reviews, the better the review, the more we can do to make our videos just that much better. We will deny any reviews that do not meet our requirements. Remember this review is for JDM Option, the American counterpart to the ever popular Video Option.


    1-What where your first impressions?

    2-What do you think of the over all quality of the video?
    3-What did you think of the cameraman ship?

    4-What do you think of the different segments that are showed on the volume(s)?

    5-What type of features do you like?

    -D1GP (Japan)
    -D1GP (U.S.A.)
    -Off the track driving
    -Test Drives
    -Tech/Install Features
    -Tuner Shop features (Behind the scenes Tour) -Other?

    What you like?
    What you donít like?
    What you like to see more of?
    What you like to see less of?
    What would you like to see that hasnít been featured on option before?

    -Are there any features that are repeated too much?
    -Do you like how the videos are hosted?
    -Would you like to see guest hosts?
    -Do like the pit walks?
    -Do you want to see Japanese coverage, U.S.A. coverage, or both?

    If you seen any of the previous volumes please rate accordingly
    Rate each applicable section from 1 Ė 10
    1 being least entertaining and 10 being most

    Volume 1:
    What is D1?
    ON board Katsuhiro Ueoís AE86 for course intro
    Gm Factory works car
    Nomukens crazy pit walk

    Volume 2:
    Crash Kings
    Nomukens drift lesson
    Daijiros 350Z road test
    Daijiro vs bulldozer

    Volume 3:
    D1 Night Game
    Mazda RX8
    Dai challenges the jet car
    Best 16 incam twin drift

    Volume 4:
    Battle of the S15ís
    D1 Grand Prix round 2
    D1 Driver Search Miami
    D1 Sugo

    Volume 5:
    RX7 highway race
    Chiba Kun
    Touge Drift

    Volume 6:
    Round 3 Ebisu
    Driver Search Fontana
    Chiba at Aqua line
    Taniguchi vs kazama pt 2

  • #2
    oo oo pick me pick me!

    ILL DO IT!!!!!!!!!! WHERE DO I SIGN UP?


    • #3
      Can't wait for volume 6....! With me in it

      (That means I'd review it, too)
      Last edited by Slonie; 09-28-2004, 09:02 PM.


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        I use to do this for a few people. and loved it.

        Plz add me to the list

        not sure if i put this here but:
        Vol. 5
        I give this vid a good ol 9, great video with poenty of action, but it seemed like it was missing something...

        Vol 3
        I give this one an 8, its a good vid not much more to say

        those are the 2 ive seen so far
        Last edited by iownju; 09-24-2004, 03:13 PM.


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          Vol 6 review, here i come.


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            This is the cover shot.


            • #7
              I'll review it. Count me in.


              • #8
                Sounds cool, count me in as well.


                • #9
                  I have been asked to participate, so i shall, count me in.


                  • #10
                    Show me the dotted line. I'm in.


                    • #11
                      Count me in also!


                      • #12
                        Me too, I'll take it. How do I sign up and what do I have to do other than what was said? Anything? I can right a hell of a review. When i was in high school a few years back I did an extended 4,000 word essay as kind of a review of Canada's government, aint much to talk about there.


                        • #13
                          they need to include the GAL segments


                          • #14
                            im in just tell me what i need to do to sign up


                            • #15
                              sign me up too.....but what's the minimum words on the review