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240 on Pimp my Ride(what the *Censored**Censored**Censored*?)

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  • 240 on Pimp my Ride(what the *Censored**Censored**Censored*?)

    next sunday, there gonna pimp a 240 with a badly applied drift lookin kit on it, and they showed neon, and video from NFSU2, so I'm gonna kill them, especially that guy who has the worst Interior color combinations ever, and that guy who uses *Censored**Censored**Censored* Giovanna rims on everything!

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    thats awesome
    i wanna see a 240 with spinners sooooo bad
    besides a 240 with spinner hubcaps, i have seen those
    those are not sweet
    i want real spinners and tvs and *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored*
    maybe they can make smoke come out of the wheel wells so it looks like it is always drifting
    that would be dope to the max
    i would drive that thing in d1 then ya heard?


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      I just saw it. OUCH.

      240's need less attention. I bet they are going to mention drifting.


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        Can someone post a picture of the finished product?


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          Originally posted by FourDoorSkyline
          Can someone post a picture of the finished product?


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                Hahahahaha, nice coiloverkid, but personally fourdoorskyline I dont wanna see it. Thats so messed up and like ichi-go said, I bet they will mention drifting. Drifting is sweet but the commercial ricers are killing it. Cops are now taking aver most touge, Rice shows are now on T.V. about drifting, Ricers are getting killed pulling there e-brake at 120 miles per hour right infront of a wall and because of this more geo metros are disapearing. But w/e maybe MTV will be like "yo dawg maybe we should be all cashin in on dis buisdanuiss and make a ricey drift show...called FoRmUlA d 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                  mtv already started messin with the drift scene

                  d12? hah jm


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                    SIGH SIGH SIGH....... omg. I didnt watch it, I was owning kids online with my all black 240sx on NFSU2. hehe. Well it was BOUND to happen, i mean 1st Tuner Transformation that did a really decent job on it, dropping a sr20 after all. I hope G4 and Drifting will do better than these ricer shows.


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                      yo mang were going to put some like pink velvet for your door than mang were going to put some shag in mang its goind to be sick

                      than mad mike is like MAN WERE GOING TO DROP A HOT TUB INTO THE BACK OF THAT HATCH AND LIKE ! billion tv"s

                      Than theres the white guy

                      ummm yeah i'm going to paint it throwupurl yeah


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                        (originally posted on another forum)


                        you guys think too much.

                        MTV approached us for wheels for the show, and honestly it's all about what the kid wanted.

                        According to MTV, it was 1) fix the car by the end of the year or else parents were going to give the car away, and 2) he wanted something that resembled a car from the video game...

                        Some parts are top notch, others was just a matter of slapping things on the car for sake of having it on the car. I warned MTV about fitment issues and offset but their main criteria was "18" wheels and 414 bolt pattern", so I had no choice but to accomidate them with the crappy offset.

                        So.... stop speculating about it so much.



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                          You kinda just proved that it is completely rice. Giving a arbitrary set of requirements with no care for fitment or functionality and all.


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                            don't worry if you haven't seen or judged this atrocity, it airs this coming sunday, but I'll have to see a rerun, because NBT4 beckons. (Tampa knows what I'm talkin about)


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                              Sadly its not Geo metros being destroyed ricers are destroying 240sx and Corollas its very sad. At least FC's are being saved.