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    SEEKING MALE ACTORS (any ethnicity) and JAPANESE FEMALE ACTRESSES both must be able to play High School role for:


    Feature Film
    Distributed by Universal Pictures
    Directed by Justin Lin (“Better Luck Tomorrow”)
    Produced By Neal Moritz (The Fast and Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, xXx, S.W.A.T.)
    and Amanda Cohen
    written by Chris Morgan and Kario Salem
    To Begin Filming in Tokyo and LA on September 12, 2005

    Finn Hiller Casting (Crash, Coach Carter) is seeking male actors of any ethnicity for the lead in the Universal Pictures feature film, “Fast and Furious 3: Tokyo.” The film is about an obsessive street racer named SHAUN who is exiled to Tokyo after annoying the local police once too often.

    SHAUN is treated like an outsider and mocked for being a gai-jin, He is drawn to the subculture of drift racing, a dangerous and sometimes deadly sport that he masters with startling speed. In the process, Shaun makes a deadly enemy and meets the love of his life, Tani.

    TANI is a stunning Japanese girl who attends the same school as Shaun in Tokyo. When they interact at first, she dismisses him until she realizes that he is an obsessive street racer as well. Chaos arises when Shaun finds out that she is in fact D.K.’s girlfriend (the “Drift King” of Tokyo). Shaun enrages D.K. by challenging him to a drift race, while at the same time forming a friendship with Tani, which eventually evolves into a forbidden romance.

    If interested, please see additional instructions on next page on how to submit.

    Sarah Halley Finn and Randi Hiller,
    Casting Directors
    Finn/Hiller Casting
    588 North Larchmont Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90004

    If you have any questions, please email us at:

    Please do not stop by in person!


    Thank you for your interest in this project. Following are the instructions for putting yourself on tape to be considered for a role.

    Go to to access the lines for the appropriate character.

    Please follow these simple guidelines for taping:

    1. Write or type your name clearly in large letters with a black magic marker on a piece of paper that you hold in front of you when you begin. Also, please say your name aloud so we have both correct spelling and pronunciation.

    2. Please use either mini dv or 1/2” VHS tape in NTSC format. If possible, enclosing a Polaroid or other photo is helpful (unfortunately, neither tape nor picture will be returned).

    3. Do a quick camera test -- stop and watch the tape. Make sure the camera has recorded with proper lighting and sound. (We do receive tapes that have no sound or improper lighting.)

    4. Next, please record a full body shot so we can see what you look like from head to toe. (Usually the widest setting on the camera or get further away from your subject.) Please also show us a close up of your face, as well as profile.

    5. When taping, the camera should be centered on your face, showing some of your neck and shoulders. Before starting the scene, please state you name, age, height, weight, ethnicity, and where you live. Please feel free to move comfortably when you’re speaking. We want to see your personality, as well as your acting ability.

    6. Make sure the tape is labeled with your name and contact information. Again, labels should be printed clearly or typed. It is also good to include the project name and date.

    7. Lastly, send the tape to: “Fast and Furious 3: Tokyo”
    Finn/Hiller Casting
    588 N. Larchmont Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90004

    Tapes should be received no later than July 30th, 2005.

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    omg im gonna be a famous actor!!!


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      holy crap! why couldn't I be a Japanese actress?!


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        meh what the hey I might just send in a tape for shaun since reevise is probbaly a japanese character.


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          I wouldn't even try to get a part. I'm sure that the image of a drifter that they want to portray is far from reality. On top of that they probably don't want someone who actually drifts. That is what stunt drivers are for. I wonder if they know how much most drifters hate what they are doing? I mean, I'm sure it wouldn't change their minds because of all the $$ involved. But, I just wonder if they know. From the description it sounds like drifting is gonna get all gang realted and have a bad image just like drag racing. One thing I know is that if I go to see the movie I'm driving my wife's car


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            drift racer, ha ha ha


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              If i murdered all the people involved with this, you think i would get in trouble or would the justice system understand?


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                If you guys went to the site, you'll see that some of the current show cars that have been making the rounds here in the US (like the Orange Scion that opens up w/ a DJ booth) is written into the script.

                The "Drift King" and his crew will be driving 350Zs. While "Shaun" will be driving a Mustang.

                The basic premise of the script is written very similar to the first F&TF. Only a few differences, but basically similar.

                How interesting...although I'm sure some parts of the script will NOT make it into final production.


                "As Shaun squeezes past to get to the driver's door, he glances up and catches Clay's cheerleader GIRLFRIEND in her boyfriend's 'Vette, skirt hiked, one long smooth leg balanced on the steering wheel as she PAINTS her toenails.

                When she sees Shaun, she gives him a smouldering look and languidly opens her other leg to reveal her PANTIES beneath."

                This type of've got to be kidding me. I'm about ready to ask for some classic funky porno music in the background. Geez.
                Last edited by DomLee; 07-06-2005, 09:27 AM.


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                  From what I can tell from the script it sounds just as bad as the first two. A chameleon z? Signal barely gets away with that. Drift racing in an underground garage? YAWN. And the dialogue is as bad as ever. I actually had somewhat good expectations with a new director and all.


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                    Fu-hu-huck That, Pay Me Nukkah! I'll Pee In Her Butt!


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                      mustang in japan WTF!? i mean yeah they have sum of our muscle cars but hes drifting a MUSTANG! i have had some bad experiences with mustangs hahaha they should make it sumthing crazy! GEO METRO! woot woot


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                        If they are using a Mustang they should make sure to have the water barriers set up right too!


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                          hahahahaha terry you crack me up!


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                            they better make that a classic mustang...i'm assuming he'd be a rich high schooler to afford a us import in a japanese market FULL of cars....if you change the car to a beat-up 85 toyota levin it will be more believable...


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                              water barriers... har har.