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The legends of Turnbull Canyon

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    speed dont say its not a bust because its my local spot and ive been busted 2 times up there and being the lucky sob that i am ive gotten away. Sat nights are the only nights to go up there so if you want ill go hit it up some night. hit me up on aim or somthing.

    aim: Dieyoungfmx



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      raising awareness once again to those who never read this...

      halloween is approaching soon, everyone be careful, I've been getting weird messages lately...

      NamelessAngel**: there is alot about that place no one wants to talk about
      breaker breakerr: there are alot of people who dont want to see me around there or discussing it
      NamelessAngel**: are you one of them
      breaker breakerr: i dont like saying too much
      breaker breakerr: i never know who is asking
      breaker breakerr: i've been threatened many times
      NamelessAngel**: I am not here tothreaten or impose danger
      NamelessAngel**: I just found myself in a strange circumstances
      breaker breakerr: oh
      NamelessAngel**: are you curiouse now?
      breaker breakerr: go on
      NamelessAngel**: ...
      NamelessAngel**: I do not give info for free
      NamelessAngel**: I require a trade
      NamelessAngel**: though you have no reason to trust me
      NamelessAngel**: I have none to trust you
      NamelessAngel**: what do you know about the Masons
      breaker breakerr: ..who are you.
      NamelessAngel**: ...
      NamelessAngel**: some one very intellagent
      breaker breakerr: not anyone asks questions like that
      NamelessAngel**: lol
      NamelessAngel**: well
      NamelessAngel**: I am anyone
      NamelessAngel**: names are best not given don't you agree
      breaker breakerr: i would have to agree
      NamelessAngel**: well
      NamelessAngel**: If you want my story
      NamelessAngel**: I propose we trade info
      breaker breakerr: what do you hold that could be of any value
      breaker breakerr: lots of people share experiences with me for nothing
      NamelessAngel**: ...
      NamelessAngel**: isn't that the point
      NamelessAngel**: you never know what someone exp...
      NamelessAngel**: could be a lie
      NamelessAngel**: could be the truth
      NamelessAngel**: but you always want to know
      breaker breakerr: I guess, multiple stories line up too, from unrelated sources, so it begins to prove validity
      NamelessAngel**: could be
      NamelessAngel**: or it could be the want or longing to believe in something
      NamelessAngel**: that may not exist
      NamelessAngel**: such is religeon
      breaker breakerr: haha that argument is hardly relevant
      breaker breakerr: ..but yeah. things line up from many different people
      breaker breakerr: what is it you want from ME
      NamelessAngel**: I want to hear the stories that you didn't mention in that artical
      breaker breakerr: those are things I wish to forget, nor do i wish to share them
      NamelessAngel**: well if you ever change your mind
      NamelessAngel**: the offer will stand
      breaker breakerr: thanks.
      NamelessAngel**: it is no favor to you
      NamelessAngel**: some things are best forgoten


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          this whole thread has just gotten me pumped up to go "ghost hunting" =D

          so heres the story of where i'll be going.

          a hospital for an old mine down in salt lake city, many people died in this place, a fire partially burnt it, and about 7 people died in that, then after that it was shut down, not sure how many years later, but probably 80's some people bought the house to make it a gimmick haunted house with people in masks and things, 7-8 kids went into the house, and just never came out again, it was shut down after this of course, since then people have been going in there to worship satan apparently, when people heard of this they started a patrol to watch the house, thats where it sits today, some people that have gone into the house say there is one door that noone has gotten inside, its locked and just not possible to get in, but sometimes it'll have a light glowing from the inside that you can see on the outside of the door around the edges, people say this is where the 7-8 kids went into when they disapeared, the thing about this is you cannot see any light on the outside of this house when the door glows, and the original floor plans for the house just say that there is no room there, its just the end of a hallway and the outside is on the other side of the door, so yea we'll probably go check this place out this weekend and see how its guarded and see if we can do something in there.

          we also have a few places, actually about 5 minutes away, where ted bundy had burried about a dozen bodies that are known, but there could be more, a couple houses in this area are also pretty *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored*ed up in ways like screams and voices will just start coming from them, we'll see what happens, and film it we will =D.


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            I live down the street from turnbull

            I live less than a block away from the hacienda side of turnbull and I have heard these stories off the internet. You not giving names is totally stupid and decreases the validity, any one of your sources could of researched exactly what you researched off the internet. However, if you decide to got here again be sure to message me so I can come see for myself. I go drifting up there ever since I first got my drivers licence and I honestly NEVER saw anything other than wussy wanna be racers up there. I even ran up there for cross country and I'm pretty sure we visted that insane asylum although we didn't go in but I do remember that place.

            I've also "heard" things about that place, but theres simply no proof, and mostly heard from stupid people who just want attention, take a freggin camera or sumthing next time, we need some hard evidence, talk is cheap.


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              for gigglesnirt

              your story is a load of crap, there isn't a door that exsists that we can't break down or open with a master key, how could it be IMPOSSIBLE to get in?

              People don't take this crap seriously, that's the problem, you leave out TOO many DETAILS. If those children never came out, then obviously their bodies are in there and they would be able to find their dead bodies. Or did sum mysterious force all of a sudden change the direction of humanity and their parents simply stopped caring? Save your made up crap for the kids, I want something real.


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                woa now you gotta calm down i was just saying the story that comes from everyone around here for that spot lol. i mean its not that the stories are total bs or not, its that your in that location with so many bad stories behind it it will start to get to your head.


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                  what the hell are you talking about, I just go by the facts, maybe alot of the history is true, but that doesn't mean you can see spirits up there, I've been there countless times, the stories are just made up crap from stupid people who like to entertain themselves with ghost stories. My point is, I've never seen anything and I know everyone I know who claimed they saw anything was lying just to try to scare everyone. It's just funny when you guys act all spooked over it.


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                    Turnbull isnt that bad....
                    like i usually go there 4-8 times on a good day...
                    and probbaly get about 7 runs in starting around 12:00am
                    i read the whole story and ya i seen the hanging man...
                    ive done a couple runs where at the corner of your eye you can see him hanging....
                    but nah i havent experienced anything weird up there and i have been going up there since i was 14 and im now 17...
                    i have walked the trail and have been to the water tower which supposebly satanic rituals have been held and people have died there is a bunch of bullet holes on the small shack that is attached to it...
                    but enough about the weird stuff...
                    Turnbull is good for canyon runs if you like tight curves....
                    and ya its raceable... ive raced like 5 times...
                    and won 4 out of 5 not bad for me having a stock jetta...


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                      I've went there before and I doubt I'll ever be going again. There are more than paranormal things going on there, there are Devil Worshipers, remainders of the Ku Klux Klan & other cults. People go in there and never come out. I highly advice that you just steer clear on that cursed place.


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                        I went to TBC myself earlier this year with my sister and some friends . i was scared sh**less. This is what i experienced.
                        Its well after midnight . It was me, my sister, her boyfriend, "gun", tash, "stace", "hec", sue, and hec's girlfriend. So we were in 2 cars. The real reason we went up there is because we herd there was a haunted tunel down in there somewhere. Supposedly there was a girl who was raped and murdered in there. And if you go in, you hear a gong then hear her scream then she supposedly runs towards you. But i herd youre no suppose to run away because she will follow you out the tunnel.
                        But anyways i was already nervous while we were driving up there because it was so dark. But what topped it off for me was a lady that we seen walking. She had red har that was braided back in a french braid and was wearing a blue sweater and carrying a bag. We were like wtf? We kept driving but pulled over and parked once we got to the tunnel. We sat in the car waiting for the woman to pass and when she did my heart damn near jumped out my chest. It was nothing extra about her, but it was the look on her face . She had this "dead" look in her eyes and just kept walking. When she was a good distance away from us we all go out the cars except for my sister and her boyfriend. We walked to the other side of the road when we herd rustling in the bushes. It scared us but we passed it off as just animals or rodents. Then i herd "sue" say, "Whats that up there ?" She was pointing to the top of the hill. We was all standing there for about a good minute when i said that it looks like the figure of a person. And as soon as i said that 3 more figures seemed to pop up from the busuhes on top of the hill.
                        We were stuck frozen staring at them as they seemed to stare back at us. Then one of them seemed to bend down like it was squating to look at us. As soon as it did that we herd "gun" yell out "OH SH*t !! GET BACK IN THE CAR !!" Now "gun" is a big dude whos not easily scared at all. So when he said that i didnt waste no time running back to the car, hoping in and locking the door. Once we were all in we sped off all the while asking gunner what the hell happened. He said he herd foot steps in the bushed behind him but thought they were animals ( just like we had ). But then he said the steps got to big and to hard to be an animals. And as he was opening the door to get in the car he looked up and saw "the figure" running down the hill toawrds him.
                        On our way back down the canyon i was looking back ( being that i was in the back seat ) and i noticed a sign that said HELLS GATES . I was to threw then. My sister wont go back. But i want to. This time with a video camera so maybe i can capture something and put it on YouTube.


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                          Someone needs to go there and get some video or pictures. How hard is it to take a video camera and hold onto it while your walking (or running)? Everyone just wants to see some proof of this place.


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                            oh my god! Sasquatch drifts in turnbull.. thank god he don't go to GMR.....


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                              i havent seen anything yet...

                              i have about 5 months since i been going to tbc. i have gone in the daylight with friends, but at night, i been going by myself. the earliest i been there is 9:30pm and the latest is 2:30 am.. up to now i havent seen any ghost or hooded people, the only thing i see is couples parked on the side and a couple of teams driving down and up. i have only gotten out of my car maybe 3 times while im up there. every time i do it feels like something is watching me. the only thing i have on me is a flashlight and thats it. every time i did that it felt freaky, but then i didnt worry about it, all im worried about when im up there is not crashing with anyone or anything on my way down. i been to the gates of hell, they put a fence around the black gate, but i have seen it on maps and the only that it leads to is the backyard of the houses up the hill. is it scary? yes. is it dangerous? absolutely. DO NOT TAKE THIS ROAD LIGHTLY!!! my brother has told me not to go up there alone, but i dont listen, im still going to keep doing my own thing. im willing to put my life on the line, but not someone else. if you want to see tbc at night there are some videos on youtube including mine. careful guys. laters.


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                                Man i live off of beverly in the city of pico so turnbull is like 5 minutes away from my house and ive been there during the day and every possible time at night and even after midnight and its all mumbo jumbo im hearing. I even left the stereo on the car on too long once and i got off walked around and found some1 to give me a jump start. You guys need to relax just because a place is dark at night doesn't make it the setting to a scary movie. And yes i've read the stories and what not including those from actual newspapers and there are crimes committed in even the nicest of neighborhoods and gated communities it don't make them much. P.S. Smoking herb will make ya'll paranoid people... hahaha