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The legends of Turnbull Canyon

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    I grew up in Whittier and frequented TBC rd. over a hundred times, mostly to get drunk and ride the swing at the bottom. There are some spooky places up there at night both at that pool that we used to party at on the weekends when it was skateable, the mental asylum, and the numberous burt houses youll find around skyline. Ive never seen anything paranormal, and im not exactly a sceptic either. I have walked right into a den of rattlesnakes, been chased by what we thought were wild dogs. As far as the klan members that fooee, Me and my friends partied hard at the bottom middle and top of that place, and the satanits were our buddies most in local death metal bands. Sure they were sick-o and liked to kill *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored*, but as far as a person being in danger up there, not really. Im sure the girl that got the southern tow truck treatment down the hill was personally engaged with the murderers. If i was to need to wack someone in whittier, believe the body(ies) would be going in them hills!

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      Man!!! I can't belive I read all that!!! Sounds Scary but, I'm totally up to go there!!!


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        Please contact

        Hey, I think I know you. I had spoken to you before. Please contact me regarding this at am sure that you remember me.....


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          Wow... this is an old thread... But Im gonna go ahead and call BS on most of this stuff. If you're gonna research, REALLY research. I have really been researching the Canyon. I made a documentary about the Plane Crash that occured there. Check it out.

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