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how do you get more hp for a ka24de cheap?

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    yea i get what your saying ill jus have to wait for a couple more pay checks lol
    army mechanics dont make squat unless your a civilian working in the motor pool howmuch would it be for some megan's or d2?


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      try i got my megan coilovers from there for a lil over $800. there really good and do just as good as others that are in the thousand dollar range


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        Why did you go with bosche? i would never give my ka bosche,ngks a little pricey but well worth it. and i would advise a welded diff me and my friend did an SOHC to s14 DOHC motor swap last weekend,and also got his welded diff in. his car is a whole heck of alot easier to put sideways,but on the offhand he's also been drifting on an open one for about a year,there are some downsides too welded diffs,tire chirp in tight turns,can cause undeersteer in the some turns,you'll slide really really easy when its wet under hard throttle. mainly a daily that would take alot to get used too.


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          Originally posted by Piner View Post
          Why do you need more power, seriously nitrous is the cheapest biggest gain really.

          You dont need *Censored**Censored**Censored* loads of power to drift, it helps and can make it more fun but really see guys all the time with no upgrades to KA's doing fine.

          I drifted a 78 rwhp S12 for a while
          this is true, im drifting a stock KA i just want more now