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RS*R Drift Festival, Chicagoland Speedway (September 26th 2004)

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  • RS*R Drift Festival, Chicagoland Speedway (September 26th 2004)

    Rumor has it, RS*R is having another drift festival this year. Heard it through the grapevine that its in late september and in Chicago.

    anyone know anything about this?

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    i havnt heard anything about this but if rs*r is going 2 hav an event in IL i'm there i hope its around thanxgivn


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      I heard something...and I might be there...., but don't know for sure yet.
      Ernie Fixmer
      Formula Drift/VR Motoring/Robinson Helicopter
      Lakewood, CA 90712


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        oh baby, i hear its on sept 29th at chicagoland/route 66!!!


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          RS*R is having something sometime soon.. They just had a driver search here in Japan on July 11 to find a driver to go to this. It was advertised as .. do you wanna drift in america.. ect.. RS-R is not too far from my house.. maybe i could check.. if i have time.


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            Confirmed!!! RS*R will having their Drift Festival at Chicagoland Speedway on September 26, 2004. To see the flier, go to




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              Sunday, September 26th 2004
              Chicagoland Speedway
              Chicago, Illinois

              Event Highlights:

              Drift Exhibitions
              Featuring top RS*R Drivers Kazu Hayashida and Manabu Orido.

              Open class Drift Competition
              10 Seeded Drivers will compete against local talent.

              Car Show

              Click the images to the left to view the full size flyer.

              Entry Fees:
              $150 for competitors (includes one pit crew member)
              $20 for Pre-Sale spectators
              $25 at the Gate

              Drift Association is proud to announce another partnership with RS*R to bring the RS*R Drift Festival to Chicago, Illinois. On Sunday September 26th the Second RS*R Drift Festival will feature Manabu Orido and Kazu Hayashida as exhibition drivers. These guys are some of the top drifters in the world, and will put on a show to remember.


              Chicagoland Speedway: 815-727-7223
              500 Speedway Blvd Joliet, IL 60433



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                yea i cant wait i live in the suburbs of chi i cant wait for this gotta get my tickets now thanks for the info

                edit :where can i purchase the tickets
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                  so when is registration open? I need an event the locals are getting upset about street practice!


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                    i'll be doing my very best to be there!!


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                      thats pretty cool too bad it's so far away...i forgot things...oh well i am sure this i will remember


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                        Where do you live? You put down Chicago, its not too far outside of chicago.

                        I will be there, and I will compete, hopefully we will have another Drift Day Chicago before the RSR (maybe 2) for everyone to practice.


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                          i live in chicago. just south of downtown. so i should go, but as a spectator. i haven't been able to get my car running


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                            I'm sooooo there. Me and the guys from Indy will make an apperence at this one...maybe even compete. It would be awsome to get track time before hand, so kid keep me and Eric updated.


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                              yeah ill be there vehicle permitting ill register to compete (keeps fingers crossed)