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  • 1994 Rx-7

    hey people there is a 1994 Rx-7 for sale by my house. It has 94,000km on it. It is a Twin Turbo Special edition.
    Asking price $22,000 CANADIAN.

    its in perfect condition, no mods.

    do you guys this is a good deal ????


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    common people ?????


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      is it original motor? if so probably u'll want to ask for less cuz it'll need a rebuild which is probably why he's selling it


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        yea it is original motor

        how much do you think would be a ood price ????
        and how much does it cost to get a engine rebuild in candian money (estimated price)

        thanks people


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          thats pretty spendy for a stock FD with the probabilty of a rebuild. rebuild will cost around 2k+ american depending on whats done ( porting, internal work, ect...) i see perfect FDs going for around 10k or so.


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            damm this guy tryin to rip me off, lol

            how much should i ask him to lower the price from 22 gs to like 20 gs ? or wut ?


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              wow why cant people help lol


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                special edition??? hahaha I saw that one... but it's just a sticker...hahahaha 22,000 is way too much if it's just stock.... ask for like 17000 at the most if it's stock plus it's gonna need a rebuild


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                  relax it's not like we're online constantly to answer ur every question.... =p hahaha


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                    lol sory
                    its not just a sticker the guy is like 45 i dont hink he would rip a lil guy off


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                      your what 16 and you want a fd? i hope you got mad $$$$$$


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                        yea iam 16 but 17 in like 2 months
                        i have 6 gs alone and my parents said if i finish my grade with high marks they will help me.
                        And i did get high marks.

                        How much do you guys think ill be paying for insurance on my parents's name ???

                        any more suggestions ???


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                          Alright,don't jump into an FD so fast.Your going to have to do a boost check and compression test at least.Inspect the TT rubber hoses,check for cracks,the usual FD inspection(if your not familiar,just ask,more than enough people could run you through).Also make sure the car has all of its recalls done,some were serious.

                          $22,000CDN,that's the max an FD should go for if it is in perfect condition,rebuild included.

                          Why not get an S5 from Japan,they're going cheap?


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                            good idea iam not to familer with rotary's but my auto teacher had a Fc and hes pretty good with rotarys i think ( he knows more then me so thast good.
                            there is a fd with some mods 2 hpours away from were i live for 35 gs dammm. rip off huh ?

                            FEINT can u post a pic of an S5.

                            ill ask thig guy if i can bring the car to my garage that we have at school and ill let him estmate the price.

                            ill tell him 19 gs at the most huh ?


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