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  • Best Drift Car?

    Hi,what up guys i am jus wondering what are your views on what the best drift car could be?well it dosn't have to be the best just post down your favorite car and the reason you like it so much.

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    for beginners, the Trueno is prolly easiest to learn in. light weight, solid rear axle, reasonably simple and reliable


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      +1, or the Nissan S13 - cheap, plenty of parts, and plenty around for when you break it.



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        The brand new GTO cause its got tork, Reez mullen can drift one so so can me.


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          Just giving you this as a friend, try searching the site a little. But since this is the "New to Drifting" section, here goes.

          The Corolla is a great car to start but I don't think of it as the best all around Drift car. If you look at every aspect of the car, the 240sx would probably be my #1 choice. Reasons are as follows.

          1. Cheap. Cheaper than the Corolla by far now that the phenomenon is taking over. The 240 can be found just about anywhere. Your neighbor probably has one under his bed with the shotgun. They are an easy car to learn in and the parts are not going to kill you. The Corolla on the other hand is not so plentiful and therefore more expensive.

          2. Parts. They are plentiful just like the cars. Everyone is starting to make the parts for the 240's. Heck, even Autozone carries some aftermarket parts for them. Plus you have to look at the upkeep on the car as well. Regular parts for the car can be just as much of a headache on a car that is 20 years old. Simple items such as a coil or distributor cap can be 3 days away on a Corolla.

          3. The car itself. What happens if you don't like Drifting? I only ask this because you may not and once you get an old Corolla, you may not like it after the Drifting bug has left. I sort of encourage this sometimes as it means that I can find a cheap Corolla when you just want to dump it cause you dont like it anymore. But in reality, a 240 is a much more publicly acceptable car than an old Corolla. Especialy girls. They hate Corollas, well the abnormal ones do at least, but they can get by in a 240.

          4. Upgradability. You can upgrade that 240 alot more than the Corolla. You can put the SR in the 240 with no headache, more companies make suspension parts and the used market is larger.

          Add all of this up and the 240 comes out on top. It comes out higher than the FC RX7, largely due to the Rotary. There is a niche buch of Rotary mechanics out there and good ones are few and far between. You can just forget about the FD totally. WAY too expensive for the casual Drifter and a major headache in just about every way. I speak from experience. The FB or SA RX7, first gen, falls under the same Rotary catagory. The Cressida is a rare car and a good slider I have heard but same boat as the Corolla. Basically any RWD car can work and FWD if you can stand criticism and want a real challenge. Lot harder to slide FF than FR in my opinion.

          So there you have it. For the little amount of money it takes to get a 240, the ease of parts, the cheapness of parts and the all around easier time of it, the 240 is the way to go.
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            by the way mine was a joke... i didnt realize this was in the newbie section or i wouldnt of been so sarcastic.


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              depending on where you are looking the 240 should be way more than the corolla. If its someone over the age of 30, they have no idea what drifting is, they just want a car that gets good gas mileage. I got my sr5 for 400 running decent, but the rest of the car is great. I havent seen a 240 go under 1000 unless there was no motor, interior, or had some major body damage.

              The aftermarket parts on the corolla are cheaper if you ask me, at least the ones worth buying. A set of coilovers (i know not necessary) are at least 850 on a D2 GB, cant run wheels under 15", at lest 500 for a nice set used, all control arms cost a bundle, rear diff (since vlsd sucks) at least 800+ install, so I dont see it being any cheaper than the corolla. Replacement parts, I havent had any problems buying parts for my corolla yet, but that may change depending on what problems happen. I would believe it being hard to find distributors and such, but other than that most auto stores have the basic stuff.

              For the upgrades other than what was mentioned, there are a lot of enignes for the corolla people are swapping in. They take a little more work than the SR, but still not entirely impossible swaps. The 20V, the GZE, the high comp, all engines that bolt right in mechancally, but require some wiring.

              One problem is the fact that you need to replace most things on the corolla once you get it. The bushings are shot, tie rods gone, needs new brakes, clutch probably needs replacing. Its a money pit unless you are lucky just because its 5-8 years older than the s13.

              For the sex appeal, ghost is right, its an acquired taste. A lot of people dont like them because they dont look.....ummmm.....yea. But price wise, it will be about the same as long as you play your cards right, it then just depends on what you want.

              I have had both cars, I love them both so im not bashing on the s13, just pointing out the flip side. Neither will be cheap really. The corolla does have a harder time finding replacement parts such as tie rods, control arms, and the other big hardware. Really it means you need to go aftermarket or find a junk corolla. The S13 did cost more for me, and I did stuff on the cheap, believe me. But it was a great drift car, and Im upset that i did sell it. S13 aftermarket will cost more than the corolla from my experience, im not sure why, maybe it is the suspension difference and it being more advanced. My corolla is a smaller initial investment, and the aftermarket parts i have been pricing and buying have been cheaper so far, but i also need to replace a lot more, like the bushings and tie rods that i didnt on my 240.


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                Your right i never search, Yo you know what i should start right?but considering the fact i am a newbie cut me a little slack
                for a little while.Thanx for the posts and keep em com'n.


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                  i would say corolla. even if you dont like drifting, chances are youll still like spirited driving, and the gt-s is amazingly fun in that respect. super responsive, a motor that begs to rev, easy parts to source, 4-wheel discs, LSD, etc... plus if you blow your motor, a japanese used motor with between 30,000 and 50,000 kmh can be had for around $400. blow your sr20(if you swap) and well, i dont need to tell you it'll probably be alot more. IMO its also more rewarding to drive on an auto-x course(at least in my personal experiance, having driven both) these are just my $00.02 though...


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                    Originally posted by nissanguy_24
                    by the way mine was a joke... i didnt realize this was in the newbie section or i wouldnt of been so sarcastic.
                    that was cool.. i was like nissan guy what the *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* its happenin... har har har lol....


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                      Originally posted by nissanguy_24
                      The brand new GTO cause its got tork, Reez mullen can drift one so so can me.
                      I took my GTO to BeaveRun to test it out and the stock tires gripped way too much. There was blue smoke errywhere. But it's definately got some potential. Maybe get a different set of tires and try it again. But I don't wanna take too much attention away from my corolla.


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                        i think the 240sx is one of the best, the s13's can go for under 2000 dollars


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                          Hachi Roku-- Lightweight, inexpensive, and stable.


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                            a 50$ datsun 510 shell with a KA24 motor or a SR20

                            now that's freaking cool!


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                              Well firt off Panda, i'm 34, So I guess I need to stop posting here since I have no idea what Drifting is eh But I sure do love some gas mileage, so me and you are sniffing the same rear end there.

                              But seriously, I wrote my input by taking every aspect in to account. The major fact is availability. It is getting harder and harder to find a good 86 chassis that runs and that you don't have to go completely through. Once you get the Corolla, if you paid under 2 grand for it you are going to need to replace just about everything. Any Corolla that is ready to go is going to be over 4 easily. As for 240's being 1k or more and all messed up, you are shopping in the wrong place. My brother just let a Hicas one go for a grand. Great body, perfect interior and ran like a top. Come down to Ga, we'll hook you up.

                              The 2 are neck in neck, but for every aspect of a car, the 240 edges it out in my opinion. Plus after the botom falls out of Drifting, so will it fall out of the Corolla. The 240 will still be a fairly new style of car while the Corolla will once again go back to the POS status that 99% of the population thinks it is. The 240 will weather the end of Drifting storm much better.
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