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    In my opinion, a Mazda platform holds the advantage of Mazdaspeed support for grassroots and pro drivers and a very healthy aftermarket selection for the Miata/MX-5, RX7, and RX8.

    The Nissan S-chassis still holds king, though, with aftermarket support, the amount of people driving one, and knowledge. It's nearly the only chassis in drifting that you can put nearly any engine in and still come out with a winner from rotaries to I4s to I6/V6s and even V8s, it's been put in there with good to great results. And nearly any S-chassis is great for drifting, from the S110 to the S15, they have been some fairly well built cars out the box and most any from the S12 to the S15 will at least be able to swap front end parts.

    So, in short, if anyone were to ask me, S-chassis Nissans first, but if you have to be different, find a RX7 or Miata/MX-5.


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      I love my FC
      end of story<3


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        I went from S Chassis to a Miata and I gotta say I learned alot more from a double wishbone car. Its hard to go from macpherson to double wishbone (Miki, Maeng) but easy to do the opposite (Forsberg,Imamura, JTP...sorta).


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          the best drift car to me would be a 98 240sx with a ford 5.8l shelby super snake edition conversion.... hahah ill keep dreaming... 240sx anything is great to drift..


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            I am wicked new to this but I want to know people opinions about the old foxbody stang with a 302? they have a good wheelbase WAY more power then you will ever need (one I was lookin at has a lot of engine work done) and they are cheap domestic POS cars parts are everywhere. The only think I could see not liking about it is the solid rear axle.