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Drift Works (Should I make a 4th?)

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  • Drift Works (Should I make a 4th?)

    i hope this is the appropriate forum. anyways, should i make a 4th?


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    i would love to see a 4th


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      Please do


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        yes you most definitely should


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          heck yah, a fourth one would be awesome.

          it should be like, 20 minutes long, considering how the first 3 kept getting longer and longer. it'd be pretty cool.


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            yeah dude drift works is tite
            just this time no techno plz i cant stand the stuff


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              What you talkin about techno is the $hit its what makes drift works drift works. It sounds the best with drifting. ohh yeah maybe we should play some rap or country to it see how that would fit. I mean I have seen some vids with rock in them and its cool but techno just has this better speed affect to drifting.


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                rock would be nice that one video with limp bizkit in it was one of my favorites.

                but since the drift works is really long then ya techno wou ld prolly be best cause u only need 1 or 2 songs


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                  Heheh, a little eurobeat would be nice =P

                  It'd be awesome if you had any Febuary Irwindale stuff in there.


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                    PLEASE! make anohter and stick with the techno it sounds the best with drifting.


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                      thanks for the positive feedback. any negative or positive suggestions wouldn't hurt. if i do make a 4th video, all of you are going to be involved.


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                        defiently should make a 4th. Your videos are the best ever made. I still have all of them and watch them atleast once a week. Your choice of music is perfecto.


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                          Definitely stick with the techno. If you want to go with something a little different you could maybe use something like the Chemical Brothers for something a little less trance-ish. But it's all good.


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                            4th 4th 4th 4th 4th 4th please

                            hey man .. in three week we in sweden will be putting on a BIG drifting show at a big cartestival in Finland..
                            can you wait for this footage & iŽll send it to you via post

                            ..............Kristian - Sweden


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                              PLEASE, 4th! YES

                              How soon are you gonna release it?

                              I have a few crappy vids of me posted on here, but I could make some more, I'd love to be in it!

                              Also, just a compression thing...but the first two DW, you could FF to any spot, and the 3rd cannot...

                              some of that stuff is kinda long and familiar
                              :NVM, I re-DL'd it, works fine now.

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