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    hey Donnie. Long time no see. Glad to see you having a good time over there and sticking with the hobby!


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      Sup Mr Wilkerson.

      hahah time consuming hobby bro for sure. Hows everything going back im MD??

      I'm loving the Mustang bro. Good luck with this coming season, Ill be tuned in.

      I would also like to thank you for helping me every time that I called and or visited your shop. I always recommended your shop to buddies If I could not assist them do to my work... I hope you didn't get to many ddd jobs lol.
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        March 14 2010

        Another day at the Hobby shop... was not packed today at all

        I brought more to the table than I had time to finish today... it will get done.. number one priority next is fixing my hub assembly.

        One too many bumps ehhh? was beginning to leak in multiple places

        Lining up to exhaust, everything flowed together with the bends I brought to the shop.


        Welding with a Lincoln 125 MIG. I got spoiled using gas during my last welding session some time ago.... really sucked welding without gas... chipping away sag over and over... just took longer than it should have.

        To insure that I was going to get a seal, I slightly expanded one section of one pipe and collapsed the other. fit right together and made it more simpler for me to weld ... Zero leaks so mission accomplished once I got done with it.

        Still working on the welding technique. I have been welding since 2006, however, only really had about 3-4 hours of time before today...Most would not want to show mediocre welds such as these..... gotta start somewhere.

        Had to wrap it up after this as I was called to work.. Ill finish the rest within the next 2 days


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          finished up back half of exhaust last night...

          more to come on this

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            THAT SKYLINE SOUNDS TOUGH DUDE! good job that thing looks like a blast!

            i wanna take a trip there so bad but wont be able to until later this year....
            i wanna come over there and find an s15 and participate in a drift matsuri!!!!!! i wanna stay for like a month!!!!!! hahahahahaha i would love it!

            keep it up dude!!!!!!


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              Hey man if you want to slide at can do it anytime. The tracks are open daily year around. I do highly recommend Matsuri as you can slide in the G1 ( gaijin=outsiders ) event. They would be happy to have you for sure.

              Andy from Power vehicles rents out drift prepped cars from street to D1 level... has various packages.. you can slide along side Team Orange in all bro.

              check em out

              Yea my skyline is not the pretties on base.. but im the only skyline drifter on base... the rest... well.......... hard park for the most part.


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                March 20, 2010

                Sup guys,

                The weekend is here and I'm utilizing all the time I have off from work. This will be a common thing for anyone that is following this thread... during the week nothing is really done with the car due to my work schedule etc.

                Earlier this week I picked up a new house... its pretty cool. 3 bed room 1 car garage setup. I'm single and looking for Japanese roommates at the moment .

                Before I started my day, I open a package that I got the other day... It was my t-shirt in memory of late D1 driver Atsushi Kuroi. I'm sure you all knew who he was. He was known as one of the first to drift with 600+hp cars. Displayed great skill along side of Masato Kawabata of Team Toyo.

                Another day at the hobby shop. Things I completed today consisted of:

                -Replacing a left rear knuckle
                -Repacking bearing on my right front upright
                -adding subframe collars
                -assisting fellow skyline fellows

                Before Shots of the damage due to the bent Knuckle


                Soaking up some of the sloppyness in the rear.. Should have done this ages ago as I know from first hand experience, the addition of these in my s-13 was night and day.

                Random fish eye pics

                Pictures of the photographers R33 GT-R sharpie project. His girlfriend and him hand drew all of this. And are in the process of clearing it shortly.

                Helped out a buddy with his Rb20 overhaul.....

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                  sharpy is pretty cool


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                    this is the coolest thread....ever!


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                      I always wanted to do something like this!


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                        Sharpie FTW!!!!


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                          hahah yea they are like on number 45..


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                            Epic thread, one of the best ones in a long time. No drama, just coveted fun. Good for you man.


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                              Yea life is way to short for drama lol. thanks for viewing brother.


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                                oh man... this is just amazing!!! i wanna go visit japan so bad...