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    April 1st

    Hey Bro's

    Sadly my internet access is limited due to moving to my new house. Slowly moving all my essential parts/tools over to the house.

    updates coming.
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      pics dont work for me


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        none of them? ill fix them shortly... im at work at the moment :/


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          C'mon Donnie!!!! What's the hold up man? lol This thread is awesome.


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            No internet at my new home. Im at work currently on a goverment computer which is very limited lol.


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              I was able to borrow some unsecured wireless from the Library. I'm inside my car at the moment checking email on my mini acer laptop/datalogger

              Some pictures I managed to upload on 1 bar of signal strength.

              The turbo upgrade will began in about 2 days.

              Ill be back online from home starting Monday with a bunch of recent pictures.


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                this thread is ftw! man i wish i had money to go over thur


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                  Such a sick thread. I don't know what I would do if I saw all those Skylines together in that parking lot (or saw them as often as I see Civics). The Tokyo Auto Salon looked pretty baller too, almost makes me want to invest in an RC car to drift it around mini cones.

                  What was that van thingy (no idea) that came to that ridiculous stoppie in that video? That was pretty cool.

                  And I must know what type of wheels those are. Pink looks so good :]


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                    I forgot to mention how baller the Sharpie project is. I wish I had talent (or the time) to do something like that.


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                      hahah sup Josh.... I got the house man... If you can get here before JUNE.. you are all good. I have TONS of tires also bro. You dont have to sleep on the floor, I have 3 bed rooms dude.

                      That van is a little K car van lol I don't know the name. My Pink wheels are Gram Lights and Enkies. Currently doing up a pair of Works at the moment. Wheels are very easy to get here.


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                        Im Back online!!!!!

                        much has happen since my last time online from home.... here its all is....

                        Late March

                        Moved into my house. garage is a little tight but its ok. I keep all of my tires and spare parts in my storage sheds. don't want to clutter the place.

                        Prepping the turbo and painting some new drift wheels up while I wait on last minute parts over night from USA!!!!!


                        Little cappuccino.. so cute.. I want to drift one


                        Was trying to sell these Work's but the offset are not that great.. I decided to keep them.... I done like silver wheels much so................

                        Took a break and went to go help out some other Gaijins..


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                          Got down to business finally on the turbo setup. Day 1 started at 1600 on Sunday and terminated 10am Monday.... My fingers hurt badly but Ill be going back out to work untill complete exhaustion again lol.

                          Had to bring the temp of the cast housing up in order to change the properties of the metal so that I could weld on my stainless steel Vband flange.

                          Don't wanna mess up the clean for so soon..

                          My new little paint box lol... didn't want to paint inside the garage today.

                          Bye Bye Stock... its been a good run but its Ova!

                          Was shocked that the RB T28 turbo has a T3 exhaust housing flange. Gee Wiz info. Had this been a smaller holset... I could have bolted it right up to the cast manifold if I wanted. This also made running my oil return super easy as I was able to use the T3 return fitting from the T28...(Peter Griffin) "Yeeaaaaaaaa"

                          Had some unforseen fitment issues due to my manifold.. If I had more time on my hands.. I would have just sources a new manifold.. but that's not an option.. so whats a Ninja do????......grinds away safely untill it fits.... This process took about 2-3 hours alone do to removing and installing every time will all gaskets to insure the fitment is good to go.

                          I can't fab up the dump until I install my new motor mounts... which requires some modification themselves. Gotta do some research and see how RB's do with atmospheric WG setups..... for Japanese Inspection purposes I think im just going to run the WG into the dump.

                          AC is no more.. never used that *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* as Misawa is Cold 295 days a year. the AC was pissing me off due to how I would have had to route my dump... I Could have bent the hardline...but all that jazz is gone bay is so much cleaner all ready.

                          Wrapping it up for that session.

                          Fitment is tight.. but it works. will sand and paint the covers. Next is to see what All I can get rid of in the coolant sections.

                          Tonights objectives..

                          -Install new mounts
                          -mock up dump tube
                          -install intake manifold
                          -wire up resistor pack for bigger injectors
                          -we shall see


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                            Getting ready for MSC or D1SL?


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                              sadly nothing... i have to go fight terror soon... just got notified... everything is canceled. it was both


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                                well I forgot I had to return to work... its 338 right now... Had to call it a night. Car should start tomorrow for sure.. All I need is some fresh fuel line... *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* reusing the old hard rubber lines I had.

                                the intake manifold is cool.. but *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* man... it was a *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* putting the bolts in... such tight clearances.