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      Status as of three days ago........

      the "completion" of this build was made possible by Ryan for letting me borrow his RB powered Z31... I love driving this thing.

      Work on the exhaust housing dumptube took some time do to the crazy angle and having to make multiple passes on the welds and grinding them down in between each session. When I started the the car there were only a few pin hole leaks which I welded up.

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        little valve cover play, converting to Low impedance injectors and deleting much of the stock coolant lines.

        Car currently is idling at 2000 rpms I have not beee able to really diagnose as work has gotten busy again. The air intake control valve is all good to go and all vac sources are plugged or used. Ill have to check and set the voltages of the TPS that should do it for sure. Also had an unfortunate yet cool event take place....... I have a hair line fracture on the pictured part of my manifold. Coolant is leaking out through a crack.. going to have to get this welded by a welder thats set up for Aluminum :/. The location could not have been better... right up front.


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          manifold fixed.. now just trying to tuning the car... sorta hard as im in a military college course at the time which is very demanding. after the class is done.. Ill be able to really dive into the tuning.


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            Current Engine bay setup


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              I'm painting my fuel rail pink.


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                ...........more to come


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                  The day started wet but quickly dried. This was shake down day to see if my setup was good enough to slide. The day started out shitty because the car was pretty much driving itself. With the help of a buddy, I noticed that my Throttle Body (TB) was still sticking mechanically and it was not a PFC (Power FC) issue. After taking the TB apart at the track, I notice that a bit of RTV forced its way around the opening of the TB mouth causing the TB plate was getting caught on it delaying the release. After fixing that issue.. the car was splendid. I was super happy with the response of the turbo and my tuning ability. The air/fuel ratio's were on point and I can actually increase timing in certain areas as my knock was minimum.

                  This was my first time sliding since March 6 2010 due to the fight on terror. after about a few laps and getting use to the new setup things were normal. Toward the end of the day, half track opened up into full track. At that point I set my eyes on doing the wall all the way down. Half track I can do all day... however I am currently 0 for 2 on attempts at full track wall sliding. I can't believe I cleared Ebisu circuits jump/wall and screwed up here lol..... part of the game. Ill re-grope and come back stronger. Looks like im going to miss D1SL which is tomorrow and MSC on June 5th.. unless the guy sells me his car quickly.

                  As you will see from the video, I broke through the wall, at that point I could have stopped drifting.. I tried to use the momentum of the wall to set up for the rest of the straight away sadly my tires didn't not respond....... it seemed cool in my mind.. but didn't work out that way as I went right for the tractor tire and dirt hill that was luckily very moist from rain. On lookers say that I hit the tractor tire knocking it out of the ground with my driver side, did a 180deg spin in the air 1 foot above the hill and land on it. I was calm the hold time and I knew this car was done on impact as I was in 3rd gear approaching the wall. My engine was still running strong on top of the hill.. and I had zero leaks so I was happy with that portion.

                  One of the spectators that came with me drove an N/A 5speed R33 (black with burgundy front bumper in video). I asked him straight out 10 min after the wreck "how much" he replied $1300, I said "sold" and we shook hands. The transaction will go down this week.

                  Now I gotta look at the FSM's and see whats really different electrical wise from the NA RB to the Turbo RB.. much of which don't apply because I'm not using any of the stock electricals besides the vitals.

                  I highly recommend putting a cage in your drift car. I know most do but some don't. This bolt in cage that I spent 250 dollars on saved my right foot from being broken or damaged. The sidewall of the car is against the gas pedal and was stopped by the front right leg of the bolt-in cage.

                  pictures and video...


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                    thanks for the update Donnie,

                    got you back on the homepage


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                      roger that im back on sort of a normal schedule again.. I also made Staff Sergent in the Air Force so extra money. good timing lol


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                        that sucks about the smash ><

                        there is nothing but bad dreams and "why did i not" thoughts to come. GL with new car.


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                          yea i have watched the video over and over.. this could have easily be avoided... stupid stupid pants.....


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                              new car


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                                im technically new here (been hawking this place for years tho), found this thread by accident

                                sucks your car got all mashed up like that
                                hopefully all your hard work (engine and whatnot) will transfer over to the new car with no problems..

                                what exatly did you paint the wheels with.. automotive paint or the japanese equivalent of krylon..

                                anyways, good luck with your car and ill be watching your thread.
                                id join the air force if i knew theyd send me to japan... or any branch for that matter..